Introducing "GEN PC" (Political Correctness generation)

Long before The One was elected and we saw the mass Kennedy-like “Rock Star” attraction many millions of people bought into, most notably the youth vote, I had already been seeing signs of what I have come to label as “GEN PC”.

What in the world is ahem, “GEN-PC” as you say it?

Every generation has their unique cultural or counter cultural characteristics. There was “GEN X” largely (1960s-1980s) with their own clothing style (grunge), musical tastes (MTV), and way of talking and doing things. Some say we are now in “GEN Y” (1980’s-2001?) but I perfer to refer to this generation simply, and bluntly as “GEN PC”

My self-described definition of “GEN PC”
 GEN PC (g*in pea-sea) (n): commonly referenced towards a collection of people, but can be an individual associated with a larger group of people, predominately but certainly not exclusively white, generally born between the years 1988-present) but whose influence may extend beyond those “Y” years into other nearby generations such as the “X” generation depending on the level of political correctness and guilt infused and accepted by these individuals. Almost exclusively adherantly liberal. Prone to reject their culture on the basis of its discriminatory or opppressive nature in favor of a more diverse worldview.

(See 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, Obamunists, liberalism, progressives, poltical correctness). Also gay marriage, secularism, immigration, race; stances On).

If you are on a college campus or university, note the political signs that often littered the dorms and public access buildings. Note the reception Tom Tancredo received at UNC-Chapel Hill April 14 for his speech on immigration, note the mass intoxicating Beatles-esque ephoria many people felt in openly campaining for The One.  

This is the next generation of voters; they are the ones who are just coming into voting age and whom this pattern has only just begun.

Look at what a mass influx of these voters (young and old) can do to an entire state.

Virginia was once a Southern state in every sense of the word. Today it remains Southern in geography only. Think this isn’t the case? Check out the changing demographics of counties like Prince Edward, Prince William, Alexanderia, Facquier, and Farifax to name a few. This area is affectionaly known as “NOVA” (Northern Virginia) and an area once defended by a gentleman Robert E. Lee who was respected across the aisle has now been re-dubbed the “New South” having been over taken by non-assimilating, political and social-changing transplats like these.

North Carolina not immune either.

Look no further than Raleigh or Cary. Cary has an unflattering acronym “Centered Around Relocated Yankees” and what’s more, to me, a real “Yankee” is a transplant who not only doesn’t assimilate, but takes pride in this fact. Many of these ilk will stick together while bashing the Southern in the comfort and private of like-minded company.

Places like Charlotte (Mecklenberg County) North Carolina are no exception. A 2007 study by the Charlotte Observer yeilded these results.

Why do they come here? Simple. They like “the four seasons.”  They want to experiece a “warmer North” and live “in the South” without actually living in the real South (i.e. rural). Their  idea of “South” is an urban metropolis, often left-“leaning” city like Charlotte or Atlanta.

What is so bad about a Buffaloan moving down from Upstate NY to a traditionally rural and thus conservative place like North Carolina? Nothing, if they assimilated. But the fact is, they largely cannot and will not drop their set voting patterns due to voter loyalty and pycological liberal psyche previously imbedded in their minds before they moved. 

Why should you care?

Because we’ve seen the beginning with states like Virginia and North Carolina going blue for the first time since 1964. We could see and lose more states too. Its not unfathomable to see states like South Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia go blue should these trends continue. These are the people that are electing Pro-Life Democratic candidates like Bob Casey in Pa, Jon Tester in MT, Jim Webb and Mark Warner in Va and Travis Childers in Ms. In the modern South it seems, in the cases of Childers, Warner, and Webb, if a candidate runs as a Pro-Life candidate, they are 80% of the way to election at least by my observations. In the case of Childers who ran on a platform of “Pro-Guns and Pro-Life” this clouded the historical distinctions between the two parties facilitating his victory in the reddest of districts in one of the Deepest states.

What can be done about it?

On the surface nothing.

In a democracy built around liberty, everyone of course, is entitled to their own free will and our mobile society allows for these relcations. However, its not all transplants to blame. Much of this change also belongs on the minds and hearts of native Southerners who after years and years of hearing how bad and oppressive their culure has been towards others, thanks to the media and its influence, have simply turned apolgetic (politically correct) and now side with these largely (but not exclusively) liberal transplats therefore creating almost insurmountable new voting coalitions and voting blocs which swing states that we see today.

One thing I’d adocate is private school education or school choice. Its the only way to ensure a well-rounded education, still centered around Freedom of Speech and religion on which the basis of this country was founded. Public schools are where this new coalition is stemming thus, the college experience only reinforces their engrained beliefs.

Another thing that can be done is talk to your children or grandchildren on current “controversial” current events issues like immigration, gay marriage, secularism, political correctness and see if they agree or differ with your views (if their stance isn’t already known). If they do differ from you, ask them why.

If they cannot come up with anything better than a PC answer like “I’m against discrimination” explain to them how your views don’t qualify as said discrimination and then back them up with historical facts, political and moral arguments as examples. It may not be too late to change a few minds.

Also, if you are conservative, hang around in conservative circles and network. If you have younger children raise them right (no pun intended) from the beginning so when they do get to college and beyond, their worldview on the major issues of the day will be set and they won’t be influenced as easily.

For the rest of it the pendulum will have to swing politically, as it always does, and this new coalition appears to be a needy one (stimulus) with a short attention span. Should The One’s policies not work, or they don’t feel appreciated enough, its not that unfathomable to believe they will simply go back to the ballot box for “change” once again.

What was the point of all this?

Ideally to make people more aware of these changes of the disappointment of the next generation, and draw some conclusions about past elections as well as prepare for future elections whether this be increased GOTV amidst stronger grassroots levels, or fielding better candidates whose morals and true conservative ideology will trump any attempts by these cross-generational coalitions to defeat them and hopefully bring disfranchised Conservative voters back to their base.