Can we just call them Sens. Franken, Begich, and Martin yet?

Pehaps you saw it today?

FOXNEWS and bloomberg among others sources show that Democratic Senatorial Challanger Marc Begich is now leading embattled current AK Senator Ted Stevens by 814 votes, this only 3 days after I last heard that “the gap was closing” but Stevens was still up by 900 votes.

Is anyone really surprised here? I’ve been calling it for days. Something is crooked here. Not only are the Democrats getting all the votes in the re-counts, or pre-recounts or whatever you want to call them, but votes for the Republican candidates aren’t even being found.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, on election night it appeared that Stevens would win as reported in the early morning hours by Michael Barone on FOXNEWS specifically due to overwhelming overseas ballots that were expected to go in Stevens favor.

We’ve already lost the Gordon Smith seat to relatively little fanfare, and we’re about to lose 3 more seats with little much more than a whimper. If the roles were reversed, the Democrats would fight and exhaust every legal (and illegal) challange, recount, and necessary measure just to make sure their guy came out on top. Why can’t we do the same.

When Franken and the others win, I guarantee you that Sen. Coleman will go down graciously and give some false promise to his supporters that the “better man won” and “we let Democracy run its course and the people have spoken” when we all know there is no such thing anymore as legit democracy.

When ballots are allowed to be cast on days other than ELECTION Day meaning early and now late voting, this defeats the purpose of voting as it creates scapegoats, conveinience, and increase of fraud.

I find it insulting to the public that these reporters and politicans like MN Sec. of State, Marc Ritchie, a known ACORN member, supporter, and endorsed candidate are trying to pass these recounts off as legit and bipartisan. We all know what the end result will be, quit playing with people’s careers like Sen. Coleman and Chambliss by pretending they have a chance.

This outcome was already decided the day these recounts were allowed to happen and they didn’t get the job done on election night. Sens. like McConnell and any other Republican who won, especially those by a narrow margin, better thank their lucky stars they aren’t in this position and allegedly “won” re-election. They better run back to D.C. and set up shop before they too can be re-counted.

You know, the 111th Congress isn’t in session yet-there is still time for fraud.

Let’s just get used to calling them by their actual positions: Sen. Franken, Sen. Martin, and Sen.Begich because we all know that is exactly what is going to happen-whether we like it or not.

Democracy as we know it, is gone as long as outside groups like ACORN are allowed to be around, especially with no equal time group fighting (and cheating) for us on the right.