Could diverse Obama cabinet, appointments be a good thing for the GOP in the future?

Bill Richardson (D-NM) will likely be appointed something in Obama’s cabinet like Secretary of state.

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish will likely take his place as as Gov. until 2010 elections. Based on the fact she would be new, she’d have to be seen as vunerable right? She’s also white so maybe she’d lose appeal among Hispanic voters that make up a huge percentage of the state, who can’t relate as well to a “gringo”.

*Rahm Emmanuel, *(D-IL 5th D) a Jewish American, essentially beats his opponents by at least a 2:1 margin since his first election to the U.S. House in 2002. Although it is a heavily Democratic district, historically, it last had a Republican Rep. in 1994.

If James Oberstar (D-MN 8D) gets appointed as Transportation secretary that would create an opening for MN Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty to appoint his successor. This could be a coup since the district is heavily Democratic and under normal circumstances there is no way a Republican would ever get elected there. Say the new guy does well, he’d have the inside track on re-election in 2010 as the incumbent.

*Senator Richard Lugar *(R-IN) he’s a Republican yes, but he’s barely a moderate and should he get chosen, popular Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels would be able to appoint his replacement. This could be our chance for a much more conservative pickup who’d have the inside track on the special election-probably one year later (if MS race is any indication) on getting re-elected and have the advantage of being the incumbent.

*AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano *could be named AG. She is very popular and would have to be considered an opponent for McCain when his term is up in 2010. With her now in the Fed. Gov. I think it would be unlikely she’d want to be demoted to “just” a Senator.

What would happen if newly-re-elected WA Gov. *Christine Gregiore *was chosen as Sec. of Interior as rumored? Her replacement Brad Owen could be very vunerable as a political unknown with no senority.

Commerce. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) Gov. For soem reason she is wildly popular in this traditional red state. Losing her here would be a huge blow since again, it would put her much less known Lt. Gov. as the incumbent when his election came around. Republicans could get a real pick-up here.

These are the real big ones now. We have to hope that Obama plucks some normally safe Dems out of states with Republican Gov. like Minnesota and Indiana. (maybe Senator Bayh will get rewarded for his loyalty)? We can only hope-and begin to speculate.

Also when does re-districting come into play? Who would have control over that? The indidividual states and whichever party is in power at the time? Maybe we could pick up some real wins there with creative drawing, something the Republicans were always good at-and criticized for, by the Democrats.