We are screwed.

So, they have just come out and announced a deal. It will be presented tomorrow.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and especially Chuckie Schumer can’t wipe those excrement eating grins off their faces, so this is all bad.

Roy Blunt wouldn’t even commit to supporting anything. He said we would just have to wait and see what came out on paper and he would present it to his people and see what they would say. He never smiled at all.

In other words, we can expect people to default on their mortgages with impunity, HUGE payments to ACORN and La Raza, and a further nationalization of our financial sector.

This will be great, when the greatest snakes in the grass who ever existed have control over the money of the country’s banks.

I saw today on the news (it was either Ted Nugent or Barry Goldwater, Jr.): Never let your dog watch your food or Congress watch your money.