Nancy Boyda, liar, Kansas

Nancy Boyda defeated Republican Jim Ryun for the Kansas 2nd Congressional seat in 2006. She is running this year against Lynn Jenkins.

Boyda is a perfectly good democrat who has refused to break ranks with Pelosi on her energy intransigence.

So, I’m coming home this evening and hear a commercial on the radio from Boyda, discussing how she is going to run a good clean campaign and represent Kansas, blah, blah, blah. Then she said she is including an insert in such and such newspaper discussing her energy solutions, which include expanded drilling and alternative fuels. No kidding.

How stupid are voters? Is it possible that they will bite on this little well covered hook? She has voted for expanded gov’t control, including fuel economy, increasing taxes on oil companies and chased some rabbit down a hole on unused leases. The one thing she hasn’t done is pushed for more drilling.

Where does she get off putting that as her number one solution in a re-election ad? And why are there not howls of protest among the watchdogs of democracy (yes, I mean the legacy media) when a politician makes such an outlandish claim?