Civilian boots on the ground

Just to brag on our local party and the things we are doing to win elections. We had a little meeting tonight to listen to a phone call from the McCain campaign, clean up the office and talk about our game plan for the election.

Our big push is to improve our turnout. On election day we call Republicans and remind them to vote. It is a multi-part operation, including phone calls from the headquarters, monitors at the polling places, and runners that transport information between the two.

Callers sit in headquarters and call people to remind them to vote. The monitors, sitting in the polling stations, check names off the list of potential Republican voters who have voted. The runners go around gathering updated lists and transporting them to HQ. That way we don’t call people reminding them to vote when they have already done so, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on the people who still need to go.

This year has been great for us because we had a contested primary in both parties. Missouri has an open primary, so you can pick up a ballot from either party when you vote in the primary. This year, however, the primaries were still very much in limbo when it got to MO on super Tuesday. We figured that meant that people would actually be more likely to take the ballot for their own party than they would if the primaries were only contested in one or the other party.

We had monitors who sat at each of the polling places with a list of registered voters on super Tuesday and kept track of which ones took an R ballot versus a D ballot. It wasn’t all that nice, because for me at least, the D election judge really didn’t like the idea of a Republican sitting there and she did her best to keep me from seeing who it was that voted and which ballot they took. But we got through it with a lot of valuable name and party information.

Now, when we call people on election day to remind them to go vote, we are much more likely to get Republicans than accidentally call and remind a Democrat.

We will also be making more calls between now and election day, where we will function more as pollsters, just asking for party ID and asking if they intend to vote for McCain or Obama. The McCain voters will get reminded on E-day, the Obama voters will get their windows soaped. 🙂 j/k

This plan has worked pretty well for us in the past, as our county gave Matt Blunt a 10,000 vote margin to help counteract the morons in KC and StL. Hopefully it will work as well for McCain and Hulshof.