Use of your tax dollars... World Cup

Event Details:

Recent interest in the World Cup has produced a significant increase in the amount of Internet traffic.  This is beginning to have an impact on the mission of NIH, as it is consuming bandwidth necessary for other tasks.  NIH is monitoring this situation, and will block websites that stream World Cup games if the impact to NIH becomes severe.  NIH is requesting that IC staff limit their viewing of World Cup games, to allow traffic critical to the NIH mission to pass.  Additional details will be provided as they become available.

Impacted Services/Applications:

NIHnet Bandwidth

Impacted Users:

Users attempting to access the internet while logged into the NIH Network

Expected Resolution Time:


Please contact the NIH IT Service Desk at 301-496-HELP, 301-496-8294 (TTY), or visit us on the web at http://support.cit.nih.gov.