Turn it into a Movie

Millennials are a bit problematic when it comes to the news and politics.  They get their news from buzzfeed while also watching cat videos (on the same site, raising the site’s profile and making it seem more legitimate.)  They hear about politics from their Überlib professors.  They learn about culture from television and movies.  The latter category, I believe, would be the most effective way of getting their attention and snapping them out of the little worlds in which they live.

For example: the recent Planned Parenthood issue.  I think that would make an excellent crime thriller or horror film.  Here’s the scenario for the crime drama: a police detective stumbles onto the remains of PP’s operations, and finds the mangled remains of a half-dozen infants.  For about 24 hours, the department goes into overdrive, thinking someone has butchered a bunch of kids until they are told to stand down because it was mishandled medical waste from an abortion clinic (the clinic gets a fine, which they then appeal and get reduced)
Anyway, the detective is shaking down one of his informants for dirt on a drug smuggling operation, and the informant, high out of his mind, instead tells him about the organ shipments.  they investigate, find the truth, hold their own undercover operation (the people that made the recent PP footage could do a walk-on as the Police technicians that set up the surveillance) and nail the people running the shipments.  They track the money back to the top of (Insert Planned Parenthood analogue name here) but as they are going to arrest her, they are ordered to stand down.  The detail is tasked to other duties, and the detective is told to drop it or get fired.  Not sure how the film would end, I’ve only been thinking about this for about thirty minutes.

The scenario for the horror film: It would be more or less the story of Kermit Gosnell.  I say horror film, because they would use the full glory of modern CG to show exactly what happens in one of Moloch’s temples.*  Anyway, the film is about this dude slaughtering a bunch of infants and joking about it to his friends.  You could more or less take the details of the case (state health inspectors not reporting him for violations to protect abortion as an institution, nat’l press won’t cover the story, etc.) and turn it into a horror film.  If this won’t fly, make it a horror film (similar details, only the dude’s an OB/GYN that is also a serial killer that kills people like Gosnell killed babies) and at the end of the film, just before the credits, put up that the film is based on the true events surrounding the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell.  This would make people look into the case, at least.

It won’t be a fix, but it may actually make the younger people get their heads out of their Pinterest accounts long enough to figure out that thousands of babies are being butchered on a daily basis.




*Commonly referred to today as “abortion clinics.”

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