News from Georgia: dozens killed, hundreds maimed by fireworks.... wait, no they weren't

Georgia only recently legalized actual fireworks.  Erick has talked about the issue on his radio program before (WSB really needs to give him the 7:00 hour every night) arguing that Georgia needed to legalize the good fireworks.  We finally did, and last night, they were going off.  While I’m not best pleased that they upset my dogs (who have never encountered actual fireworks before and thought the sky might be coming down) the fear-mongering opponents of firework legalization have finally been proven wrong.  They predicted that there would be children maimed and killed, and we had to continue banning these fireworks for the children.
Once again, the nanny-staters have been proven wrong.  It’s a relatively small issue and limited to the state of Georgia, but it’s still a win for small-government advocates that want to be left alone, and given the month we’ve been having thanks to five lawyers, every ray of sunshine is valuable.

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