Can I vote for a Conservative now?

I should probably open this my admitting my shame and coming out of the closet as a… millennial.  I was born in 1989, and my first Presidential election was in 2008.  I didn’t like McCain, but I held my nose and voted for him anyway, because I figured anyone was better than Obama.  Experience has demonstrated the validity of that assertion, but I digress…

In 2012, I held my nose even harder, and voted for Romney (and now my nose doesn’t work quite right.)  I didn’t want him, and clearly he didn’t want himself in the White House, but I voted anyway.  We were promised if we voted for these centrists, we could attract the independents that the “experts” say make up 20% of the voting population.  Well in the polls, Romney was dominating among the independents, but couldn’t draw the 40% Republican numbers because he was too centrist.

The leadership promised us that if we made the centrist the nominee, we would win.  Well McFlop failed, and Romney apparently didn’t even want the job.  I’ll tell you right now, I’ll hold my nose once more and vote in the 2016 election for whomever is the Republican nominee, but after that I’m done.  If they don’t give us a Conservative president this time around, the GOP can kiss my vote goodbye.

I’m sitting here, a young Conservative, a *shudder* millennial (you know, the kind of voter the “experts” say the GOP needs?) and I have never voted for a candidate.  Even when I voted for Nathan Deal for Governor of Georgia, I wasn’t voting for him (if he never worked another day in politics, I wouldn’t mind) I was voting against Michelle Nunn.  The GOP has never given me a reason to vote for them, except the fact that they’re not Democrats, and given the abject failure of the GOP to stand for much of anything anymore, that’s no longer good enough.

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