Self-Identification and the Future of Identity Politics

I promised myself I wouldn’t write anything about the whole Jenner sex change thing, so I’m going to step over that tripwire and address the larger cause behind this latest symptom: self-identification.

A lot of the folks saying they are men in women’s bodies (or vice versa) say they “self-identify” as whatever they imagine they are today (when I was eleven years old, I “self-identified” as a Space Ranger.  That didn’t mean I had awesome pop-out wings or a wrist-mounted laser, but I enjoyed it for a while, and we’re digressing…)
Here’s a question: what happens the next time a white police officer shoots a black person, but the white officer is already on the record “self-identifying” as a black man? (Or to really make things interesting, a black homosexual woman?)  I understand that this seems rather ridiculous, but it takes the Left’s gender-bender “logic” to its logical extreme: if one can self-identify as being another gender, why not another race?  If one’s identity is indeed not connected with one’s actual genetics, as the Left would have us believe, then there is no limit.

Erick pointed out the absurdity of this last night when he self-identified as Batman (granted, his parents are still alive, but if they can retcon so hard that the Human Torch turns into Captain America and the Hulk somehow gets two movies that restart the entire story in less than ten years, I guess anything’s possible).

What does this have to do with identity politics?

1) Good luck polling and projecting identity groups without personally interviewing everyone involved.

2) Have fun arguing that these white folk aren’t really black without simultaneously arguing that the trans folk aren’t really what they were pre-surgery.

3) Prepare for every identity-group appealing politician to have to prove their “authenticity” every time an election comes around.