A Change of Face in Georgia

Full disclosure: I’ve not been fond of Nathan Deal for a few years now.  My chagrin began when he started the cluster-[CENSORED] that is the Georgia University system consolidation.  It took a bunch of colleges and merged them, which has improved nothing and has led to more than a few problems, but I digress.  Short version: when I voted in the last election, it was against Jason Carter, not for Deal.  Since his re-election, he has done little in my eyes to redeem himself, and actually figured out a new way to get my back up.
Specifically, he didn’t speak to the Legislature in favor of RFRA.
He could have used the bully pulpit of the Governor to advance the bill; he did not.
He could have contacted leadership in the House and Senate, asking them to push for passage without amendment; he did not.He could have pointed out that none of the apocalyptic predictions about discrimination due to RFRA have come to pass in states that have their own RFRA bills.
He did none of this.  Instead, he simply asked the Legislature to pass his education reform bill.
I like the education reform bill; I like that he passed the beer jobs bill.  Deal rather competent (especially as far as modern Republicans go) but competent isn’t enough.  I’m not best fond of taking down another Republican in a primary, but we can do better, and we should.
At the same time, [mc_name name=’Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C000286′ ] isn’t running for re-election, meaning we have a chance to put a more conservative Senator in place without the trouble and expense of a primary fight against a sitting incumbent.  Fortunately, we in Georgia have some excellent choices available.
We have:  Herman Cain (he’d probably have to take a pay cut from his current radio job, but I’d actually enjoy voting for Herman.
Hunter Hill – he has proven himself a conservative that knows how to fight and win against the lobbyists.
Allen Peake – both the author or and driving force behind Georgia’s cannabis oil bill.
Josh McKoon – RFRA.  Need I say more?
These are the four names that came to mind when I was writing this article.  If y’all have other names, please put them in the comments.  If we want to eliminate the RINOs from Georgia, we need to start now.  Deal has put himself in a precarious position with a number of Conservatives, and Chambliss is finally retiring.