Words in a book have little real power

America has had its share of strange laws.  In some areas, it may be illegal for a woman to drive a wagon after dark without a lantern on the left side of the wagon, fry chicken on Sunday, carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket, or cross the state line with a duck on one’s head.  These laws are profoundly outmoded, and rather than be stricken from the book, are simply not enforced anymore.  As such, they may as well not be a law, and only those of a strong legalistic mindset will continue to follow these laws.  Unfortunately, not all laws lacking enforcement fall under the category of “outmoded” or “ridiculous” (because blast it, I have a Constitutional right to carry a duck on my head whenever and wherever I want, and I’ll take this case all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to)… back to the matter at hand.

Florida elections are so problematic they have their own comical monologues.  I’ll spare y’all the pain of my own monologue about having that many senior citizens active on a single day and depending upon them to all get along and do something productive.

The problem may have the beginnings of a solution.

The Miami-Dade Police Benevolence Association hopes a plan to offer $10,000 rewards for tips leading to voter-fraud convictions will put the kibosh on phony absentee ballot schemes that have plagued Miami-Dade’s political races for years.

People may not inform on those they know are breaking the law, but appealing to their lesser angels may actually work.  It bears mentioning that when election laws are enforced, it’s often with a slap on the wrist.

Absentee ballot fraud is a felony in Florida, but in Miami offenders often end up with only probation or little jail time, although violations have proven common in recent years.

When the law isn’t enforced, it isn’t law; it’s just a bunch of guidelines, like the Pirate’s Code, or the Congressional Oath of Office (which, in application, are basically the same thing.)  If the Miami-Dade DA’s office brought down the prosecutoral hammer on this sort of activity, it could be suppressed.  The same applies to enforcing America’s border security.
And to any liberals reading RedState (we all know you do) if you want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, try actually enforcing current laws before you run about screaming for more.

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