'Tis but a scratch

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. ~Napoleon Bonaparte. (BrainyQuote)

As the 2014 elections draw closer, it seems more and more likely that the Democrats have two strategic options:

1) an all-out assault on Republicans, slinging as much mud as they can, ideally adding a few rocks to their mud by recording a Republican candidate saying something stupid, which they then apply to the entire party.

2) Double down on what they’ve done since the 2008 election, insist that it’s great, it’s working, and all the country’s problems are “just a flesh wound,” ignorant of the clicking coconuts that herald the oncoming stampede of Americans fed up with their failed policies.  Democrats insist that Republicans are just a bunch of loud racists that constitute a small part of the population, made dangerous only by the Koch brothers’ millions; to quote a famous Republican, “that’ll be the day.”  (If you remember who said this, have a cookie.  You’ve earned it for being an excellent American.

3) Slinging mud whilst doubling down.  Basically, try to muddy the waters so much, the electorate can’t tell what’s going on (odds are good that in the two weeks prior to election day there will be some big Hollywood scandal to distract all the news agencies who have to tell us all about some actor’s problems) to the point that they go for the “feel-good” option and vote Democrat.

Disclaimer: I’m an amateur at this, but I’ve been trained as a historian, so I know how to do research and spot patterns.  I wouldn’t bet on the above being accurate, but then again I don’t gamble out of religious principle.

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