An Essential "Otherness": Why Obama’s Dog-Eating is 100% Relevant

There’s been much back-and-forth between campaigns and surrogates over the Seamus-on-the-roof / Obama-ate-puppies controversy for the past week or so. Funny stuff, huh? Pictures flying over the web of doggies in buns about to be consumed by the President; jokes about “German Shepherd’s Pie”…

The Obama campaign committed a welcome unforced error by attacking the Seamus angle, thereby opening itself to the ensuing proliferation of the reminder that Barack Hussein Obama is not a conventional American president – not at all.

Surely, the fact that Obama ate dogs can be written off as a cultural idiosyncrasy; irrelevant to the important issues of the campaign; a cheap line of attack. But that cultural idiosyncrasy and the questions it invokes is the point in paying attention to it at all, isn’t it?

There is an essential “otherness” to the man who sits in the Oval Office. This is exemplified in many ways, but perhaps this most ridiculous and frivolous way serves as the best example.

Until now, even the most liberal American presidents have been “of” us; raised-up steeped in the uniquely American culture. Regardless of their personal history, we were able to assume that their leadership and decisions were based on a cumulative life history and set of experiences that were born of 100% Americanism – experiences that were at least tenuously shared by mainstream Americans, class or regional differences notwithstanding.

Now we have a man whose past is intentionally obscured; who was carted around from nation to nation like unwanted baggage as a child; who was abandoned by his Muslim father, then by dog-eating Lolo, then by his very own communist mother; who was raised by communist grandparents; whose education records are sealed; who uses a Connecticut Social Security number even though he is never known to have lived there; and who sold himself as some kind of messiah of hope and change, but who has governed for 3 ½ years as divisively and cynically as history’s most malevolent tyrants.

Now we are reminded in his own words that he ate dogs as a child. It’s just one more piece to the puzzle, and it is relevant.

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – the Leftist manifesto which Obama used as a teaching tool in his early years as a professor and Afro-centric agitator, and which he employs as President – gives us an indication of why we should not shy away from continuing to highlight the fact that Obama ate dogs, by using the text and audio recordings of his very own words, and the proliferation of images, to remind people.

Alinsky’s rule number 5 states: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Judging by how effectively the Left wields it against conservatives in the service of promulgating lies, we surely ought to be able to wield Rule 5 in service of the truth.

Barack Hussein Obama has precious little in common with the vast majority of American people. His “otherness” began before even he can remember, and his experiences throughout his life have formed a man who – regardless or race or origin – is alien to us.

He has demonstrated a disdain for everything America has been, and only an appreciation for his vision of what she should become according to his transformational anti-American vision. He has shown a willingness to divide the American people along whatever lines serve his radical Leftist interest, and has done so with extreme cynicism, to the great damage of the country.

His radical agenda is contrary to everything that built American greatness, and yet he persists. So the time is long past for any Americans who have not yet reached the obvious conclusion that this man’s success is our failure, to wake the hell up.

I don’t believe the Romney campaign should or will linger on this angle much longer. But I think it is absolutely fair game for conservative surrogates like us to continue to proliferate the truth – Barrack Hussein Obama is “other” in many important ways. But this one relatively unimportant way is an effective example that drives the point home: Barack Obama ate dogs with Lolo as a child in order to absorb their “power”.

President Obama ate dogs. Yuck.

“Ever eaten a dog?”
“President Obama has.”
“Wonder if he used ketchup?”
“No doubt, sickening.”

Cross-posted @ “It’s About Liberty”, a conservative forum