Boy Burned in Racial Attack (But he doesn't look like Obama's fictitious son, so nevermind)

The shooting of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman (dubbed a “White-Hispanic” by the media, just to make sure the race angle can realize its full divisive potential) is a tragic event. All decent people surely feel the pain of the boy’s family as they grieve the loss of their young man.

But many un-decent people are working overtime to use the event to divide Americans along racial lines. Race-baiters cannot help themselves – like moths to a flame.

If this killing went down as it’s being described in the media, then it doesn’t look good for George Zimmerman. It looks like he broke Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law by chasing down a young kid who was just aw-shucksing his way through a neighborhood, and then gunning him down in the heat of the moment against the explicit instructions of the 911 dispatcher.

But then again, as Ace says:

…if the facts were as the media reported them, the Duke Lacrosse Team was guilty of violent gang-rape.

While the liberal media screams, once again, “Trust us, and forget all about our hitting the Panic Button time and time again before!,” some of us would like to see what the facts really are before coming to a conclusion.

I would like to see cooler heads prevail and for blind justice to be done, and for the usual race-baiters – Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and… Barack Hussein Obama – to allow justice to move forward without their constantly picking scars into scabs, and then picking scabs down to raw flesh. But that is what they do. That is their mission. Division serves Leftism, and Leftism can be used against White Folk™, so they cannot and will not pass up a prime opportunity to divide provided by the death of a 17 year-old Black boy. In the absence of facts indicating a racist motivation on the part of Zimmerman, they cynically grandstand for their willing accomplices in the media, decrying the “obvious” racist motivation for Zimmerman’s actions and the assumed innocence of Trayvon, and when the cameras are off, they plot their strategy for getting the most divisive bang for their dead-boy buck.

The Cynic-in-Chief, of course, could not help but weigh in as he does whenever he believes that his racist demagoguery can be disguised as a “teachable moment” from the font of his never-ending benevolent wisdom. When asked about the event, Obama said:

“You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

So the President of the United States, once again, wades into an issue selectively – when it can be used to divide in service of the furtherance of his Leftist agenda. Just like his rush to Sandra Fluke’s side after Rush Limbaugh labeled her a “slut” for her demands for free birth control; just like his rush the side of Professor Louis Gates Jr. when the Cambridge MA police “acted stupidly”; Obama chooses this moment – the killing of a young Black boy – to engage the subject, and teach us all about how we should aspire to treat one another, admonishing us to unite, even as he divides.

But why now? Is this man the President of every American boy? Or is he just the President of Black boys?

Early March in Kansas City Missouri, a 13 year old White boy was chased to his doorstep by two Black boys, who doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire, while yelling, “This is what you deserve, White boy.”

Unlike the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin situation, this attempted immolation of a 13 year old boy was CLEARLY motivated by racism on the part of the criminals.

Yet, this horrific story disappears down the memory-hole as soon as the media can dispense with it. The race-baiters have nothing to say about the racism involved. Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Obama have nothing to say. No teachable moments here, apparently.

Right Mr. Obama? No wisdom for you to dispense using this Black-on-White hate crime as a convenient backdrop?

I guess when victims “look like” your fictitious son, you must rise to the occasion use them to serve your Leftist aspirations. But when victims look like my sons, you have nothing to say.

Mr. Obama, you sir, are a blatant racist. If you’re going to continue to divide Americans along whatever lines you can find to divide, so be it. But I’m finished pretending that you are a well-intentioned ideologue.

Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan have their man in the White House.

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