Governor Walker. Hang this debacle around Obama’s neck.

Imagine for a moment an alternate universe, where a Democrat governor and Democrat state legislature have their state capitol besieged by violent Tea Party protesters (Like I said, alternate universe). Imagine that those protesters agitating for a conservative agenda rushed police trying to secure the capitol; smashed windows; broke doors off hinges; locked other doors from the inside with handcuffs; threatened to disallow legislators into the capitol to do the people’s business; and even sent violent death threats to those Democrat lawmakers. Imagine it.

Imagine that in that alternate universe, the President of the United States openly stood in solidarity with those violent protesters, calling the efforts of that Democrat governor an “attack” on the Tea Party, and commanding his labor secretary to get involved. Imagine that Republican President’s campaign arm mobilizing to bus in those Tea Partiers from all across the country to join in their siege of the state capitol against those Democrats. Imagine it.

Does anyone doubt for a moment that in that alternate universe, a concerted, effective, and accurate effort would not be made by those Democrats to hang the debacle unfolding around the neck of the Republican President? Anyone?

At the very moment that the Wisconsin Democrat senators chose to flee to Illinois rather than do their duty as public servants, Governor Scott Walker had the initiative. It appeared at the outset that he was ready to do what was necessary to not only emerge from the situation with a righteous victory, but to maintain the initiative and public support throughout. But he miscalculated. Gravely.

He refused to play hardball, even though all indications were that the organized effort against him was mobilizing out of his control. He should have known that the Democrats fleeing was simply a stalling tactic to allow the Left to mobilize its demagoguery machine, and he should have known that a Leftist media would be working with the unions against him to shape public opinion.

Walker had choices to make the moment the Democrats fled, and he made many wrong choices. He should have seen what was happening, and immediately pushed the legislature to schedule votes on the entire laundry list of conservative items. Concealed Carry, Voter ID, and Right to Work should have all been advanced. Then he should have rightfully come to the conclusion that was reached yesterday – that the collective bargaining measures in the budget bill needed to be separated out and voted on.

And last but not least, the moment the unions mobilized to swarm the capitol, Scott Walker should have begun a strategy of imploring the President of the United States to call off his union thugs, and stand in solidarity with the democratic process.

But he did none of those things. To his credit, he held the line. But he continued to hope that Democrats and union members would behave like rational human beings. Wasted time. He could have spent that time advancing the peoples’ agenda, and hanging this debacle around the neck of Barack Hussein Obama, the Community Agitator-in-Chief. Now here we are a full three weeks later. The Wisconsin capitol is in disarray, and Republican legislators are being threatened with their very lives. Walker and the Wisconsin GOP will get their way, but at a very high price that never needed to be paid.

This Republican proclivity of always seeking to stand on genteel ground while they are dealing with the Devil has simply GOT to be overcome if this republic is to survive the malevolent intentions of the Left. The GOP can win elections, but it has no political killer instinct when it comes to governing. It has been demonstrated time, and time, and time again that when Republicans assume that Democrats are gentlemen (and ladies) who will respond rationally to Republican overtures and assumptions of best intentions, Republicans – and the American people – are overrun by a Left willing to do anything in service of their agenda.

One of the first things Scott Walker should have done was to understand that when Barack Hussein Obama inserted himself into the situation with commentary, his bureaucracy, and his campaign machine, the President became fair game. Obama provided himself as a perfect tool for Scott Walker, and Walker failed to see it.

Governor Walker, you’ve squandered the initiative for the people of Wisconsin, and I daresay, for the people of the United States. But it’s still not too late to drag the President of the United States into the situation for your benefit. It’s not too late to turn this situation against Obama. Hang the illegal and unethical actions of his union thug supporters around his neck, now. Your state capitol is in disarray, as I type – in lockdown. Call on the President to ask his union thug supporters to back off, go home, and behave like decent human beings in accordance with the will of the people as expressed through the democratic process last November. All it takes is a little imagination to see that if the show was on the other foot, the Democrats would be doing exactly as I propose, to their benefit.

And here’s the bonus governor: You know he won’t do it no matter how much you implore, so the GOP can hold him accountable to the standard you set by asking. (That’s an Alinsky tactic, by the way)

HT: Roy Rogers @ “It’s About Liberty”, a conservative forum, for the idea.

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