A Deadly Double Standard

As I write of double standards in regards to the differential between the establishment Left’s treatment of the Tea Party protests and the recent onslaught of pro-public sector union protests, everyone who I care to receive this message already knows what I’m talking about. Therefore I am not going to bother linking to the multitude of videos of peaceful Tea Party protests or violent union protests that we’ve all seen countless times. I won’t link to the multitude of Leftist lies against the Tea Party, or the multitude of examples of Leftist silence in the face of blatant violence and violent rhetoric coming from the Left. I’m not writing to chronicle this double standard, or convince anyone of its existence, because it’s already established among those to whom I write. And to those who disagree that it is established – move along. You’re disingenuous, and I’m not speaking to you.

Rather, I am writing to share what I believe is an extremely dangerous dynamic that is being created by this double standard, the result of which I believe people could end up getting hurt or killed.

Regardless of what one perceives as the success or failure of the Left’s attempts to portray the Tea Party as perpetually on the edge of violent action, the fact remains that a concerted effort is being made to create that narrative of violence. A legitimate peaceful political movement carrying out its constitutional mandate to redress grievances is being falsely demonized by the President and the Democrat party, major Leftist media, organized labor, Socialist organizations, academia, entertainment, and the Leftist “street”. Never mind at this point whether you believe they are succeeding or failing in that effort. My point is that they are trying, vehemently, desperately to create this narrative in the absence of any evidence whatsoever – truth be damned. The Left, from the President of the United States all the way down to his agitators on the street, are working hard to perpetuate a lie about the nature of resistance to this government’s agenda.

In the union protests of Wisconsin that have subsequently fanned outward to other places, we’ve seen actual violent rhetoric, hate-speech, racism, bullying, and violent actions, repeated over and over again. Exactly the kind of ugly behavior of which the Left falsely accuses the Tea Party has played out almost daily since the unions besieged the Wisconsin state capitol, and that behavior has been repeated in Ohio and elsewhere.

And yet in the face of actual violent rhetoric and actions, these same Leftists – from the President of the United States down to the agitators on the street – are supportive of these activities. Whether through outright rhetorical support, tacitly standing by, or omission, obfuscation, and justification by the media, the Left is engaging in none of the wailing and gnashing of teeth against violence that they’ve repeatedly used against the Tea Party.

It is a given that we have a population roughly split down the political and ideological middle. Now we have one side falsely accusing the other side of violence as it engages in violence itself for which it suffers no accountability, and for which it enjoys support of the establishment reaching as high as the President.

The overall dynamic created by the double standard this: Americans of all political and ideological persuasion are receiving a loud and clear message that the Left will go to great lengths to persecute opposition to its agenda, and will support violence and violent rhetoric in support of its agenda.

As the Leftist violence and hatred that we are seeing play out in Wisconsin and elsewhere is allowed to pass without accountability, while simultaneously non-violence against the government’s agenda is persecuted, Leftists who are currently committing violence are receiving the message – however directly or indirectly – that their actions are justified and acceptable.

I perceive that the Leftist “street” is receiving a “go ahead” signal from the Leftist establishment in this battle for the heart and soul of America. They are being told that they are all-in; that it’s crunch-time for Socialism, now or never. They are being told that whatever they need to do in service of their agenda is on the table, and they will not be held accountable. Thus I believe the dynamic created by this double-standard could end up getting someone injured or killed. I think the reality of the situation needs to be addressed, and the implications discussed.

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