The 10/2 "One Nation" Rally: Radicals Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Democrats

The Radicals ARE the Democrats ARE the Radicals

I have long contended that for a vast swath of Americans who consider themselves Democrats, the Democrat party is – to put it mildly – an illogical home. These people believe that Democrats are for “the little guy”, and that Republicans are not. Their socio-economic and racial background is diverse, and every bit as representative of middle-America as anyone’s. They raise their families, serve their communities, serve their country, attend their churches, and largely wish to be left to live their lives how they choose. Yet one election cycle after another, these people vote for a party that bears little to nothing in common with how they live their lives, and represents interests far outside their values.

Many of them are people who vote Democrat because, well, they’ve always voted Democrat – they think it’s just what you do when you’re in tune with the concerns of “the people”. For others, it’s a legacy that gets passed from parent to child, with little thought. Some are the products of union households, and the Democratic tradition therewith. For others still, why not vote Democrat? The Democrats, after all, are the guarantors of their generous pensions and stable employment.

If you asked them, most of these people truly love America. Most of them believe in America’s exceptionalism in the history of human governments and societies. Most believe in the traditional definitions of American liberty, honor, decency, and charity. Most believe in free market capitalism, the concept of supply and demand, good-use stewardship over resources, and reasonable taxation.

Many of them at least believe in a middle-of-the-road approach to issues like abortion, firearm rights, illegal immigration, homosexual rights, Islamofascim, and Christianity in the public square, and have little in common with the radical Left’s approach to these issues.

Most of these people would say that they believe the American tradition is a good one – that the American experiment is on balance, a success. They would not choose to see our nation radically transformed, or replaced with some other, “non-American” vision.

We can and should hold all these people accountable for their shortsightedness, lack of engagement, and self-interest, but the reality is, they simply do not understand who and what they are voting for, time after time.

The Democrat party has garnered the votes of these people by lying to them for decades about who and what the party represents. The party has at every turn – even up to and through the election of Barack Hussein Obama – presented itself as something less than hard-Left. On taxes, national security, domestic policy, foreign policy, entitlements, the role of federal government, social policy, and any other agenda one can think of, the Democrat party has retained its power by presenting and selling itself as center-Left.

For some reason, after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrat party led by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, believed it was time to remove the mask, and reveal itself for exactly what it is. The Democrat party is now completely and openly radicalized by the hard-Left, and its radical voter base is the antithesis of the common sense values of the aforementioned vast swath of Democrat voters.

In October 2nd’s “One Nation” Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, we saw this play out in stark terms. Exemplifying the very definition of “astro-turfing”, the radical hard-Left base of the Democrat party was on full display. Cobbled together for a disjointed, angry, petulant expression of entitlement mentality and totalitarian dreams, we saw Marxists, Socialists, Communists, labor union thugs, racist Afro-centrics, Radical homosexuals, and other anti-American groups openly demonstrating their radicalism for all to see.

Sure, they were compelled by the need for cover to offer platitudinous recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner as a precursor to their endless demands of entitlements and their anti-American diatribes. But once those formalities were dispensed with, the mask came off and never went back on. This rally repeatedly called for “One Nation”, while making it perfectly clear that unity with their cause can NEVER happen on any basis remotely related to their terms, if one holds the American tradition and constitutional form of government to be of any value.

These people are not “of us”. They wish to remove and supplant what America is and has been, with something “other” than America. This is abundantly clear now, thanks to the “One Nation” rally on October 2nd.

Here’s the thing we need to take away from this: the Leftist radicals at the “One Nation” rally made it clear that they are in solidarity with Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat party. These radicals repeatedly called for supporting of Obama and the Democrats, and their entire agenda. Marxists, Socialists, Communists, labor unions, racist Afro-centrics, Radical homosexuals, and other anti-American groups are in full support of what Obama and the Democrats are trying to accomplish. The party and its radical base stand shoulder to shoulder, and there is no space between them.

The mask is off, and for anyone who understands what they are watching, the Democrat party IS the radical Left. They removed the mask upon the election of Obama, and now the “One Nation” rally has confirmed the ugliness under the mask with a hubris and boldness that offers a stark revelation: the anti-American Leftists and the Democrat party are one and the same.

The choice has never been more clear, and it transcends this mid-term election on November 2nd. At the risk of sounding cliché, America is at a crossroads. Either We the People “get it” now, en masse – either the kneejerk Democrats I described at the beginning of this piece see the Democrat party for what it is now, and never forget – or America is in grave, grave danger of devolving into Socialist totalitarianism. History tells us what we need to know about Leftism coming to power over free people.

So talk to a Democrat. You have them in your family, your workplace, your church, your circle of friends. Risk the discomfort of challenging their worldview and voting habits. “We” are already convinced and motivated. Independents are awakening. But in order to place the Leftist Democrat party upon the ash-heap – in order to relegate it to the fringe of society where no decent person would care to be seen – we need rank-and-file Democrat voters who have no logical connection with the Marxist agenda to awaken, arise, and never go back to sleep.

Then we can focus on the Republican party…

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