Here it comes: The Mainstreaming of Polygamy

Through all the years and countless arguments I’ve had with Leftist supporters of the radical homosexual agenda, a consistent argument I’ve used against homosexual marriage has been that the very definition of marriage is the familial unification between one man and one woman, and that deviating from that concrete definition undermines societal structure. We proponents of traditional marriage assert that the lengths a society must go to to justify homosexual marriage will eventually open the door for justifying and “normalizing” any sexual behavior and any union between people, further undermining the bedrock foundation of Western societies – the nuclear family and its moral underpinnings.

It’s the classic “slippery slope” argument, scoffed at by Leftists who must utterly suspend disbelief to maintain their scoffing. They look at individual issues and claim that causation cannot be proved, while ignoring the reality that the very nature of the term “progressive” indicates that their entire worldview is predicated upon tearing down societal barriers, replacing them with their own standards, and then “progressing” on to the next societal taboo to be eliminated and replaced. Progressivism IS the slippery slope, and the advancement, normalization, and mainstreaming of heretofore societal taboos is nothing without it.

I can’t count how many times I’ve argued against homosexual marriage with online Leftists, or even with my own family members, when I would say, “OK, where does it stop then? What about polygamy?” Invariably, I would be ridiculed, and told that believing in a slippery slope is foolish – that homosexuals marrying is a completely different issue from polygamy. Homosexuals after all, they would say, are only looking to enter into a monogamous relationship, just like heterosexuals. Polygamists are after something entirely “different”, and there is no reason to think that conferring the right to marry upon homosexuals would translate into demands by polygamists for the same rights. So they say.

But that’s not how “progressives” work.

Now comes the new television reality show on The Learning Channel – “Sister Wives”. I’ve seen the previews for the debut of this show that explores the lives of a “family” including a man, four women, and their children. If there is any negative light to be shown, it is not in the previews. From the music, to the video clips, to the stylizing, it appears to be nothing less than a pro-polygamy propaganda television show.

This show is sure to be a hit, as these types of shows generally are. From a little-people family, to drug addiction intervention stories, to mentally ill hoarders, to a family with 19 children, to the train-wreck of Kate Gosselin – people are drawn into viewing lives different from their own. Viewers will tune in. Tabloids will turn their attention to it. Men will elbow each other at the water cooler over the prospect of multiple wives. Women will be drawn into the interpersonal dynamics between the “Sister Wives”. And in the process, another societal barrier will move a step closer to erosion. From the looks of it, this show is meant to soften people’s view of polygamy.

Any bets on how long before polygamist activist groups begin ramping up their demands for their right to the full benefit of societal destigmatization and condoning of their “lifestyle choice”? Any bets that such ideas are floated in this show?

Some will say I’m commenting on a program that hasn’t even yet aired its first episode. Yup – because the issue is larger than whether I’m right or wrong about “Sister Wives” being a propaganda tool for the destruction of the next Leftist target societal barrier. I could be completely wrong about the show. It may end its first season with the inglorious meltdown and destruction of this polygamous experiment. But the slippery slope is real, regardless of the protestations of the Left to the contrary. Polygamy will move further into the public consciousness and discussion, and the Left will at some point begin to openly ask why these people cannot be treated equally, offering up all the same tired pretzel-logic arguments they use to justify homosexual marriage. When we ask, “Where does it end?”, they will scoff at the slippery slope, while the next “oppressed” deviant minority waits in the wings for their shot at legitimization by the Left.

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