Ballot Issues Giving Rangel Trouble in his Supposed Primary Win

Now, this is blue-on-blue stuff, so I don’t really have a “dog” in the race. Nevertheless, I’d just love to see someone like Charles “Tax Cheat” Rangel gone from Congress. In last week’s primary in New York’s 13th Congressional Distirct, which I posted on earlier, he faced his toughest primary challenge ever against State Senator Adriano Espillat. When the dust settled Tuesday night, Rangel appeared to have 45% to Espillat’s 40%.

However, there have since arisen some issues with this. Per CNN:

New unofficial numbers released Saturday night by the New York City Board of Elections show Rangel ahead of his main challenger, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, by only two percentage points – 44% to 42% – with just 802 votes separating them and more than 3,000 votes unaccounted for.

Espillat has filed a lawsuit challenging the results of the election, and with a margin of victory that thin for Rangel and the kinds of questions that have arisen, it’s understandable he would. Espillat will never be even close to “one of us”, but the possibility of Rangel, one of the biggest liars and all around arrogant hypocrites in a party full of them, losing his seat, even if it’s only to another Democrat, is still awesome.

Also, possible voter fraud in a Democratic primary? The irony is delicious. I hope they know that’s why Voter ID laws are becoming increasingly popular.