NY Democrats Not Entirely Insane, but Still Love Corruption

As Moe alluded to earlier, the New York primaries were tonight. NY Democrats have managed to avoid completely embarrassing themselves, but being Democrats, they still managed to avoid fully following common sense. Yes, they managed to send Charlie Rangel back, despite a strong challenge from State Sen. Adriano Espillat. Of course, his arrogance was on full display:

Earlier in the day, Rangel said he’s still the man for the job despite being censured at one time by the House for ethics violations.

“The one reason why I think it’s important that I be allowed to extend the service to my country and the Congress and my district is because of the times that we find ourselves in the Congress. Never before have we faced such a fiscal crisis,” Rangel said.

I suspect that, had the race for the Democratic nomination in NY-13 (which is tantamount to an election victory) been a little less crowded, Espillat would have managed to eke out a victory. As the results show, though, had the race not been crowded with 3 other challengers, it is likely he would have lost.

Rangel , Charles (i) Dem 15,605 45%
Espaillat , Adriano Dem 13,718 40%
Williams , Clyde Dem 3,570 10%
Johnson , Joyce Dem 1,112 3%
Schley , Craig Dem 503 1%

Call it a hunch, but I’m assuming most of the people who voted for the three lesser primary challengers to Rangel would probably not have voted for him in a 2 person race with Espillat.

Despite sending one of the most corrupt Congressmen in history onto what will, barring a miracle, be his 22nd term, the Democrats did, as I said before, manage to avoid completely embarrassing themselves. In the open NY-08, they managed to avoid giving the nomination, which is, again, tantamount to election here, to Charles Barron a raving racist and anti-semite backed by unions, the retiring Congressman Edolphus Towns, and even David Duke (huh?). The victor Hakeem Jeffries’ crimes seem to be that he was not loony enough for the district and favored charter schools. Mr. Barron, meanwhile, was predictably entertaining in defeat:

Mr. Barron blamed his defeat on the Democratic establishment, “the white media,” “the Wall Street elite,” and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, among other entities.

He attacked his opponent, Assemblyman Hakeem S. Jeffries, for “shaking up and waking up John Lewis in Georgia to make robo-calls,” referring to the famed civil rights figure who recorded phone calls urging voters to support Mr. Jeffries.

And Mr. Barron borrowed a phrase from the Occupy Wall Street movement, portraying Mr. Jeffries, who had been supported by many of the city’s prominent Democratic leaders, as a representative of “the one percent.”

“When we launched the campaign, we knew we were going to be up against powerful opposition,” Mr. Barron said. “Never in the annals of the state has a candidate been up against the entire Democratic leadership.”

A former Black Panther and three-term City Councilman with a reputation for making outrageous remarks, Mr. Barron accused the media of trying to “assassinate us” during the race, and he blamed Mr. Jeffries for not defending him from the attacks, saying “it showed a lack of character.”

Well, you can’t win ’em all, Mr. Barron, and apparently even heavily Democratic districts have standards. I don’t expect much from Jeffries, but Democrat or not, he is a better man than Barron. It’s a small victory for common sense, though Jeffries will probably never be our ally.