Obama Amnesty not Celebrated by All Illegals

Previously, I’ve highlighted the responses by various Republicans to Obama’s decision to “loosen” deportation rules on  illegal immigrants. They have heard, and I’m sure will continue to hear, from their constituents and fed-up Americans across the country. All of these things are generally expected from conservatives and, one would hope, Republicans.

But according to one article in the Christian Science Monitor, even some illegals are displeased with the decision. According to one them:

“The national groups are all celebrating and saying, ‘Let’s congratulate the president for what he’s doing,’ but a lot of people don’t know how it feels to be undocumented, and a lot of us are not going to believe it,” says Jose Rico, an undocumented Mexican who is attending community college in North Carolina and is a member of an activist group, North Carolina Dream Team. “The president has already said we’re not going to deport any more [young immigrants], but record numbers are still being deported.”

Now, from this we can gather that their displeasure is much different than ours. While we are concerned about granting amnesty to those who came here illegally, they are skeptical as to how real this amnesty is. (Also, it’s pretty sad that we live in a day and age where illegals can identify themselves without fear of legal consequences*).

But there’s also this to note about their concerns:

Their concerns center on how Obama’s order will be carried out. The new policy pushesImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to approve “deferred deportations” for undocumented immigrants who are age 30 or under, arrived in the US before age 16, have lived in the US for at least five years, have no criminal record, and are either in school or the military or have a high school diploma.

Once they have received a deferred deportation order, qualifying immigrants can apply for a two-year work permit. Youths who are under deportation orders can also ask for deferred action in order to apply for the permits.

The catch, says Mr. Rico, is that ICE still holds the authority – Obama is only asking it to defer deportations. So far, the agency that has to some extent stonewalled the president’s previous calls to go easy on younger Latino immigrants. ICE deported a record 396,906 people during fiscal year 2011.

So, it’s all up to ICE as to whether this will actually be carried out. I suspect they will reluctantly go along with the President’s orders and do as little as possible. Still, regardless of whether they crumble and obey or not, the PR effect of Obama’s decision still exists.

*=Seriously, ask Time magazine contributor and illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas. The cover story of this week’s edition is a story by him basically gloating “Not Legal, Not Leaving”.

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