IN-Sen: Joe Donnelly (D) Silent on the HHS Lawsuit

(H/T: Hotair)

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Congressman Joe Donnelly, who is seeking the Senate seat Dick Lugar has been primaried out of, is having a little trouble coming out one way or the other on the Notre Dame HHS lawsuit:

When asked by this reporter for a follow-up, his spokesman emailed a statement in which Mr. Donnelly repeated his call for a solution that would exempt religious organizations, and he said that his alma mater has the “right” to go to court.

It’s an indirect statement, and beyond its complaints that Mr. Mourdock is “picking a partisan fight,” it goes to considerable lengths to avoid saying simply: I support Notre Dame in its suit and hope the school prevails.

It should also be noted that Mr. Donnelly happens to represent South Bend in Congress. This is means that Notre Dame’s own representative can’t find it in him to come down one way or the other.

The article also notes that Donnelly was one of those “pro-life” Democrats who folded at the last minute and cast his vote for Obamacare. Making this story all the more interesting is that he did it after receiving a phone call from a former President of Notre Dame, Rev. Ted Hesburgh.

If anything, this ought to demonstrate the fact that there are no truly moderate Democrats in Washington. To them principles are fungible for party unity. Indiana deserves better than this. Richard Mourdock is willing to stand his principles. He’s unafraid to take Notre Dame’s side in this lawsuit and strand up for religious liberty. The article quotes him as saying:

“It’s ironic that a graduate of Ball State should be here defending Notre Dame when a Notre Dame graduate, my opponent Joe Donnelly, refuses to do so,” said Mr. Mourdock.

Indiana needs this man in Washington. We need this man in Washington. Let’s do what we can to support Mr. Mourdock.