On the Brett Kimberlin Issue: Be Loud, Be Fearless, Be Legion, Be Relentless

I’m not sure what I can add to the chorus of voices here on RedState condemning what Brett Kimberlin and his friends have done. Erick got the ball rolling today by posting about the relief fund for those Kimberlin et al. have harassed, and then he proceeded to show us how people like them operate, particularly through “swatting”. Dan McLaughlin then elaborated on the tactics in his post, followed by showing us how Markos Moulitsas refuses to condemn the violence from his own side (it’s a giant “screw them” to us and those affected). Repair_Man_Jack, meanwhile, writes about why civility fails where these people are concerned, concluding:

So I conclude by telling Brett Kimberlin that control over our safety and our right to speak freely is not his. It never was and it never will be. America is a Democracy. He is free to disagree with everything I think, all that I say and most of what I fundamentally believe. That does not entitle him to harass, threaten or deprive me (or Patterico) of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

*- People like Kimberlin are why I blog under a psuedonym.

I don’t think I can offer much else on top of this. Still, I do just want to offer the following bits of advice where people like Kimberlin are concerned. Though most of you ought to already be aware of these things, I think they bear repeating.

Be Loud, Be Fearless, Be Legion, Be Relentless.

Be Loud: You’ve got to speak up. Add your voice to the chorus, even if you don’t have much to say, even if you are just preaching to the choir. Find a way to talk about these stories. They need to be heard, and we’ve learned time and time again that the media cannot be trusted to report them. That’s where we come in.

Be Fearless: Don’t let their threats get to you. Don’t be intimidated. Patterico hasn’t, and he is one of the biggest victims of Kimberlin’s attacks. Seriously, if you haven’t read his post, do so. It really is a harrowing account, but it’s something we have to know about. It’s a risk we take for speaking up, and though we might not all find ourselves victims of phony slander charges or swatting, we still face our own risks. It’s part of the territory for bloggers and activists. Patterico isn’t the only one on the receiving end of Kimberlin’s harassment. Aaron Walker (aka “Aaron Worthing”) is another, and so is Stacy McCain. Let’s not forget Liberty Chick, either.*

Be Legion: There is safety in numbers. They can get one of us. They can get two of us. They can’t get all of us, especially if we are working together. That’s why Lee Stranahan has made May 25th “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”. Mr. Kimberlin and his friends don’t like it when a person points out the truth about them, so let’s all do it together. They can’t get all of us. Michelle Malkin is one of the bloggers leading the charge. She’s got a post up detailing just who has added their support to this day.

Be Relentless. Don’t stop. You have to keep talking about it. We all have to keep talking about it. We need to keep pushing the story until people take notice, and we need to keep pushing it until it’s met a proper resolution. Notice how Kimberlin’s threats and harassment haven’t stopped the people I’ve already mentioned here from stopping, even though Stacy had to leave Maryland because of the former’s actions.

I’m not sure what else I can say here, but you’ve got to remember those four things. Not just here, but with any story, especially when there’s a threat of retaliation. As Ben Franklin said upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Or, to quote General Robert Nivelle at the Battle of Verdun, Ils ne passeront pas! (They shall not pass)”.

*=Note from Patterico’s post how at least one of those in league with Brett Kimberlin used Daily Kos to forward their cause. Can you imagine what might happen if someone at RedState suggested a similar thing about a Liberal blogger (politician, etc.)? Erick wouldn’t put up with it. Kos? Well, #shrug.

P.S. Echoing Ben Howe, do check out the video Patterico has posted of his “swatter”.