Dear Erick: Thanks for the Morning Briefing

This diary arose out of a conversation I had with Erick on Twitter. Erick tweeted about the RedState Morning Briefing, and I decided to thank him for doing it. While that wasn’t the end of the discussion, I’d like to carry my remarks a bit further on a medium more suited to long discussions.

Unlike most people my age, I’m a bit of a new and political junkie. Since I have to deal with attending your typically Liberal college campus (yes, they’re Liberal even here in the South), I like to make sure that I am well equipped to combat the latest Liberal lies and talking points. Now, I rarely ever have time to peruse my favorite conservative news sites and blogs (of which RedState is my favorite) be tween when I wake up and when I go to class in the mornings, so I have to look for the major events and headlines. Thankfully, RedState’s Morning Briefing provides just such a news feed to fit what I need.

I’ve been getting the Morning Briefing since not long after it was started, and I love reading it on RedState every morning. It succinctly sums up all I need to know about what’s going in politics, and it provides this information in one convenient place. Now that you’ve moved it to a special daily e-mail newsletter at Redstatemb.com, I’ve signed up for that, too. Even beyond it’s initial use as an update for the previous days news and stories, I have found it serves as a nice “Index” of sorts for the days stories that I can refer back to when needed. By clinking on the links in the briefing, I can go to original post here on RedState.

Erick, I realize it takes a lot of work just to run this site, and I realize that you could just as easily be doing other things with your life than providing us with the Morning Briefing. However, you still put the time in to bring it to us every morning during the week, and I just wanted to thank you for doing that. It is a fine service that helps me confront and defeat what the Liberal lies and indoctrination from the teachers and students here at my university.

So, if you can’t tell by now, go ahead and subscribe to the RedState Morning Briefing if you haven’t. Don’t let all of Erick and the other contributors’ hard work go to waste! I promise you won’t regret it.

I gave the link earlier in this post, but here it is again for those of you interested: http://www.redstatemb.com/.