Another Liberal Smear in the Making: Joe Wilson took Caffeine Pills

The Liberal media has sunk to ridiculous levels this time in an attempt to smear Rep. Joe Wilson, of “YOU LIE!” fame. The shocking bombshell? He took some caffeine pills a few years ago. Yes, apparently this worthy controversy these days. As The Hill reports:

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), who shouted “you lie!” at President Obama during his Wednesday night address to Congress, admitted to regularly consuming caffeine pills in 2007.

It is unclear if Wilson still takes NoDoz, a brand of pill that contains 200 milligrams of caffeine a pop. By comparison, a seven ounce cup of drip coffee contains 115 to 175 milligrams of caffeine.

For those of you unable to handle the Liberal BS, might I refer you to the Jawa Report‘s or Newsbusters‘ accounts instead?

Really? Is this how far we’ve sunk? I can only say “Big deal!” in response to this. I’m a college student. Does the MSM understand how much caffeine I ingest on a daily basis? I drink so much Coke (the legal kind, mind you) and related products as to make the amount of caffeine in NoDoz pale in comparison.

As Newsbusters pointed out, I was almost certain that this article was from the Onion as opposed to a relatively respected source like the Hill. Is the Liberal Media so desperate to create a scandal around this new conservative hero that this is what passes for controversy? Desperate indeed. Normally, it’s things like a marital affair or some sort of ethical problem that gets the scandal label. Evidently Rep. Wilson doesn’t have any of this, so this will have to do. At least the substance Joe Wilson was taking is legal, unlike the substances various and sundry Democrats have been caught taking (including our own President).

If you support Joe Wilson, let him know.