The Farce that was Rep. David Scott's (D-GA-13) August continues into September

The trip home from college for the three-day Labor Day weekend allows me to do many things. It gives me a chance to spend some time with my family, catch up with old friends, attend a football game at my old high school….

It also gives me a chance to catch up on the local political scene.

I have written about David Scott’s farcical August in the past. Well, I was looking through one of the local papers from last week when to my eyes did appear yet another story on David Scott’s quest to avoid and dodge his constituents.

Back on Wednesday, Don McKee over at the Marietta Daily Journal wrote something about this. Specifically, he wrote about one Randy Jordan of Smyrna’s quest to meet with his congressman. According to McKee:

Randy Jordan just wants to meet with his congressman.

Jordan, 55, a Smyrna carpenter, has been trying for weeks to get U.S. Rep. David Scott (D-Austell) to conduct a town hall meeting on health care reform or at least meet with a group of constituents in the more conservative northern part of his district.

This is the congressman who won national notoriety for angrily shouting down an Austell physician for bringing up health care at a recent Scott town hall meeting on transportation in Douglasville.

For more than a month, Jordan has tried to get Scott to conduct a town hall meeting on health care. He has even demonstrated in front of Scott’s Smyrna office in opposition to the Democrat-sponsored health care plans. He has (drafted) a petition.

In an interview yesterday, Jordan recounted his efforts.

About a month ago, he made an offer to Scott’s chief of staff. If not a town hall, what if Jordan rounded up a dozen constituents for a meeting with Scott?

“I didn’t hear anything from them for almost three weeks,” Jordan related. “Then all of a sudden out of the blue they say, ‘We’ll take you up on that.’ So I put together what I call my ‘A panel’ of various people.”

Unfortunately, as McKee points out, the meeting was canceled out of the blue. The situation has gotten so bad that, as McKee also points out, Jordan and a group of fellow constituents had to show up to a town hall meeting held by Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), whose district borders Scott’s, with a petition for David Scott to hold a town hall on health care in his district.

To be fair to Scott, after reading a previous entry by the Marietta Daily Journal on how his staff canceled the meeting with Jordan, he did promise to reschedule the meeting, blaming the cancellation on a “miscommunication and a mistake on the staff’s part.” This being a politician and a Democrat, you can take that with the appropriate grain of salt.

This only underscores how we must keep the heat on our congressmen, but we shouldn’t just do it to the Democrats (though they will on the whole require more encouragement). We need to do it to all congressmen, regardless of party.

As Randy Jordan told the MDJ, and David Scott needs to pay attention:

“I vote and I am really his boss,” Jordan said. “He’s not my boss.”

But Democrats and Republicans alike, once elected, “feel like they’re kind of the political elite, and they are not,” Jordan said. “And I think they are going to come up to a rude awakening here real soon.”

I’ll keep you guys updated as necessary on this and any other interesting news about David Scott. Regrettably, I do not believe there are any Republican challengers to Scott yet, but there’s still plenty of time to find one.