McCain Unsurprisingly Unsure on Sotomayor

Unsurprisingly, John McCain is unsure on how to vote on Sotomayor’s confirmation.

From Yahoo! News:

Sen. John McCain says he is still on the fence when it comes to voting for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

McCain says he is examining Sotomayor’s record as an appeals court judge to decide whether she understands the limits to judicial power. He voted against her when she was nominated to the appeals court.

I’m still holding out hope that he’ll see the light, but it IS McCain after all.

I know that those of the moderate and moderate-to-Liberal persuasion in our party might not understand it, but it should be abundantly clear. Sotomayor is not fit for the Supreme Court. Her views on race, affirmative action, and the Second Amendment, to say nothing of the rest of her views, are unbecoming of one who ought to be sitting in a seat on our country’s highest court. All judges, but especially those on the Supreme Court, ought to be committed to respecting and defending the Constitution. She does not.

Even fellow Republican Senator Charles Grassley, no bastion of conservatism himself, will not be voting for her. What makes this all the more amazing is the fact that he has voted in favor of confirming all 12 Supreme Court nominees put before him during his long tenure on the Senate, saying:

“I’m not convinced that Judge Sotomayor will protect important Constitutional rights, nor am I convinced that she will refrain from creating new rights under the Constitution…I’m not convinced that Judge Sotomayor understands the proper role of a judge in our system of checks and balances, and I’m not convinced that she will not allow her own personal beliefs and preferences to dictate the outcome of cases before her.”

Senator McCain, for once in my life, I find myself saying what I previously thought unsayable: Please, Senator McCain, listen to Senator Grassley!

Another part from the original article that disturbs me is this:

The Arizona Republican says the prospect of Sotomayor becoming the first Hispanic on the high court is part of the discussion, and calls her a great American success story.

Look, I understand that her personal story is nice and all, but it is largely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Her personal story may sound nice, but if her views are unfit of a Supreme Court justice, then SHE is unfit to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Senator McCain, please vote against Sotomayor, and while you’re at it, tell your friend Lindsey Graham to oppose her as well, I know he has a habit of listening to you.