Voter Reform an amendment I wrote


 This amendment gives the people the right to petition the federal government for the purpose of holding an election at no cost. By use of known U.S. citizens, no registration, by known taxpayer code numbers, at any cost to the voter. For all bills sent to Congress and the Senators, local elections and national elections, state elections, to elect people into public offices, all public offices will be elected by a majority of the votes counted.  No bill of attainder will ever be sent for a vote, but maybe repealed. Any bill or law that interferes with the obligations of a contract maybe sent for a vote, repeal, amend. This amendment will give the people the right to elect judges for Supreme court, Any bill sent to congress or the senate of economy of the states and U.S., welfare, safety, nation to go war, heath care, immigration, The people will votes by yes or no, the congress and senators will cast a vote according to the majority.  No vote may be changed by the elected senators or congress. No vote maybe changed by any person of a state or electoral. Any elected person maybe recalled by majority of the votes counted. 

 The people will have the right of a citizen’s veto to all bills and laws, regulations. The veto may not be over ridden by the president or courts, any public office. The citizen’s veto maybe taken on any Supreme Court decision that conflicts with the people’s constitutional beliefs or bill of rights.

 The Senate and vice president will consider the constitutionality of any bill, law, regulation and make changes necessary  law, regulations will have a clear definition of the meaning of the working and wording. No bill or law may have more then one action, or thing to take affect.

 This amends the voting electoral system, the president will be elected by a majority of the votes counted, no vote maybe changed by any person of a state, or electoral.

A confidence, no confidence vote maybe taken on any policies, department, bill, law. At the citizens request of any action by the president or governor of a state.                                                                                      

 It is the will of the people that a computerized and cell phone and/or an in home and out of home system, as well as other technologies based voting system be put into our system of government, maybe of mail in vote, with safeguards against voter fraud to be continually strive to endeavor.  The Peoples right to privacy will be pressured. The U.S. postal service will endeavor the proper execution of this amendment. This amends constitution by will of the people.