Do black lives matter?

Apparently, candidates running for President under the banner of any political party are likely to be confronted by a group asserting the position, “Black lives matter.”  It seems an obvious statement of fact.  As all human life matters, of course black lives matter.  But apparently, suggesting this obvious interpretation of the statement, “black lives matter” will get you into a heap of trouble.  Martin O’Malley, spineless “B List” candidate for President in the Democrat primary, was forced to apologize for suggesting that this had anything to do with the notion that “all lives matter.” Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, running predictably as a Democrat, was driven from his own event stage by the group.  As Jeb Bush, at an event in Las Vegas, has also been shouted down by this group, it is apparent that every Republican candidate for higher office in 2016 should have a response ready in case they too are confronted by this group.  First, the Republican candidate should insist on a PA system loud enough to overpower the anticipated chanting of, “Black lives matter” which leftists insert everywhere civilized people would insert reasoned argument.

Then I suggest the following response be given:
“Of course Black lives matter. But let me ask you this, do you know any young black women who have aborted their babies? By a wide margin, abortion is the leading cause of death within the black community. Black mothers abort their babies at exponentially higher rates than any other segment of society. Do these black lives matter? Where is the outcry from the black community?

“The leading cause of death for young black males is from fighting over gang turf and lucrative drug corners. Dr. King would be appalled at the content of their character. Many other black lives are lost as collateral damage in these conflicts. Do these black lives matter? Where is the outcry from the black community?

“Do black families matter?  70% of black babies born, those who avoided the gauntlet of the abortion industry, are born outside of any commitment to marriage by either the mother or the father.  Most black babies grow up in single parent homes dependent on government largess for their subsistence.  Do these black lives matter?  Where is the outcry from the black community?

“Most black students are spirited through an education system which has determined it is more politically expedient to issue students a diploma than to prepare them for a productive and meaningful life.  Many black students can look forward to a career which includes free room and board from a penal institution.  These educational systems have a moral obligation to, at a minimum, teach these students how to be arrested without provoking an incident in which they are likely to be shot.  Do these black lives matter?  Where is the outcry from the black community?

“These unfortunate conditions have been cultured and perfected by the one political party to which the black community loyally gives the vast majority of its votes.  This party was exclusively associated with slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws and the suppression of the black vote.  Only with the passage of the Voting Rights Act, which received the overwhelming support of Republican congressmen and only tepid support from northern Democrat congressmen, did the Democrat Party finally embrace black voters.  Congressional Democrats and Democrat presidents set about to purchase the now federally protected votes of the black community by flooding it with dependency creating federal programs which have broken the black community.  Do these black lives matter?  Where is the outcry from the black community?

“Do these black lives matter within the black community?  Seldom do we hear any complaints.  Too often the answer seems to be “not so much.” Until this is corrected within the black community there is little which can be done on a political level to correct this problem.  This is not a political problem; this is a spiritual problem within the black community.  It needs to be corrected there.

“But should I gain the high office to which I aspire, I will push for the following changes to facilitate a prosperous and nurturing environment in the black community.  First, I will secure the borders so that undocumented workers will not take all the entry level jobs so necessary for young people trying to build a work resume.  Then I will abolish the national minimum wage and encourage local governments to do the same.  This will create a flood of entry level jobs for young Americans of all backgrounds.  Next I will encourage an education voucher system and return education to local control where competition can raise the prospects of all students.  I will then reform welfare to apply only to those so infirm as to be incapable of holding a job.  All other welfare recipients will be moved to a program which includes work and education with a specific graduation date when the graduate can expect to find employment in the private sector.  Finally, I will eliminate all crushing regulation and taxation so that so many jobs are created that graduates of this program and those of secondary schools, vocational schools and all institutions of higher learning will have their pick of jobs.  By this time no one will ask if black lives matter – it will be obvious that they do.”

Posted with permission of Terrell AronSpeer and TEAParty911.com. Original article – Do black lives matter?

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