The SENTINEL Newsletter - A Model for Republican Publications

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The SENTINEL Newsletter

Posted February 16, 2013

TEAParty911.com Editor’s note: This is one newsletter that I  look forward to each and every month. The tagline says it all, “The Trade  Journal of Constitutional Republicans”. I wish every Republican  publication in America was as dedicated to first principles as The SENTINEL.

My good friends, editors Terrell and Lynn AronSpeer, have built  The SENTINEL into an award winning publication that I would recommend to  anyone, no matter what state you live in. The SENTINEL has it all – hard  hitting op-eds (my favorite), guest articles, letters to the editors, quick  comments, news, humor, and much, much more.



If you would like to receive The SENTINEL on a monthly  basis, please contact Terrell AronSpeer at [email protected].

I hope you enjoy The SENTINEL as much as I do.

WHAT? A Tea Party and a Republican Club actually working together?

I like it.