Tea Party Targeted by Left Wing ABC Character Assassins

It might be unfair to single out ABC in this affair. They just happened to be carrying the flag on this particular day. This is an election year. For the agenda driven left leaning news media, any excuse to attack conservative values, better yet conservatives themselves, specifically Tea Partiers, will do.

Before the last echo of the shots which turned movie premiere night for the new Batman movie, in Aurora, CO into a living hell, veteran ABC newsman Brian Ross was combing Tea Party web sites to see if any link could be established. I am sure that other ABC reporters were tasked with combing through jihadist data bases as well as data bases for Rotary and the Catholic Church. Old school journalists, before the age of left wing enlightenment, would have wasted precious time cross checking information to verify its accuracy. But destroying the Tea Party in an election year is too high a priority from which to pause. The accusation must go out immediately, Above the Fold and embedded in the Breaking News. There is always room for retractions later on page 16 or in some obscure corner of a website. This is news, made tactical, not factual. We saw this same rush to judgment in the Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting case.

Whether this is instinctual in the heart of leftist newsmen, as it may have been in this case, or a carefully crafted assault, as it surely is in HBO’s new show, The Newsroom, (see my recently released article on this subject on TeaParty911.com’s blog titled “HBO – Helping Barak Obama,”) the result is the same. Many viewers pick up the misinformation, but not the retraction. For them, the misinformation is reality. They take this “reality” with them into the voting booth. Today’s news rooms routinely misinform viewers and readers and are at best irresponsible in how they go about it. One can hardly fail to notice, however, how focused they are in applying their irresponsibility, exclusively to conservative causes. Hollywood then picks up this ball and runs it into the end zone.

This is a concerted effort, a deliberate manipulation which if left unexposed will corrupt the actions of hard working American voters. If this seems hyperbolic, consider that this same tactic was employed by the same people in election year 2000 with the show, West Wing. Reports now state that the alleged shooter, James Holmes, had dropped out of the University of Colorado where he was a PhD candidate in neuroscience. Arresting officers, noting his dyed red hair, reported he told police he was “the Joker,” a character in the Batman movie series. Apparently the alleged shooter was under the influence of left leaning universities and Hollywood, not the “Constitution obsessed” Tea Party. Personally, I am amused by their attempts to manipulate me, but I am concerned for the busy parents who must catch their news on the run between the workplace and little Megan’s soccer game. News has a responsibility to these people. But seldom does the news media behave responsibly in their agenda driven election years. The people should know.

~ Terrell AronSpeer, Sentinel editor and TeaParty911.com blogger

Reposted here with the permission of Terrell AronSpeer and TEAParty911.com