Democrats Inciting Violence at Jeb Hensarling Town Hall in Texas

The 2012 elections have started with a bang as SEIU thugs and Democrat pit bulls and brown shirts commandeer a canceled Jeb Hensarling event in the sleepy town of Quitman, Texas.  Why commandeer a canceled event?  If you know that republican staff will be present, but police will be absent, what better time to train your troops in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” The number one best seller for communist radicals has found new life in the new, hope filled and slightly changed Democratic Party.

It appears the media may have complicit in the staged protests.  Channel 19 in Tyler has not returned my calls or responded to my e-mail to their general manager.  A constituent was physically assaulted at the canceled event and threatened with lawsuits.  The tactics from Alinsky’s book were applied indiscriminately moving from one target to the next in a deliberate attempt to provoke an incident.  During this time, seemingly at the direction of the activists, the news cameras rolled.

Read the entire article. http://www.teaparty911.com/articles/democrats_inciting_violence_jeb_hensarling.htm