Grassroots Activist Facing Possible Charges Over Agenda 21 Smart Meters

I don’t know what you know about Agenda 21, but this should certainly be a red flag. A “representative” from the power company knocks on the door of a grassroots activist in Houston and tells her that he is going to install a new meter on her house and requests access to her property which she promptly declines. The man then has the gall to hop the fence – did I mention that this happened in
Texas? She confronts the man at her meter and he proceeded to try to push her out of the way which is not a good idea in Texas. Thelma decides to arm herself and the meter man makes a hasty retreat. Now Thelma is facing possible charges?

I haven’t heard a whiff of this in the “mainstream” media, but here’s a clip from an article on TeaParty911.com:

TX HB 2129 passed in 2005 created a law for use by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) to grant energy producers permission to require the installation of smart meters replacing older meters including the off premises meter reading devices. One such consumer, Thelma Taormina of Houston, is concerned about such a product and installation.  ‘Door hangers notified consumers smart meters would be installed, if consumers were not home they would find another door hanger with instructions to call and set a time when they would be home so their meter could be installed. In Ms Taormina’s case, she received a door hanger congratulating her regarding the completed installation of her meter prior to the meter’s installation. An installer came to her property and requested access to install the meter; she refused since he did not present any identification other than wearing a shirt with the installation company’s logo.  He then jumped her fence, made physical contact with her and only after she armed herself did he leave her premises. There are possible charges pending related to this incident.

Read the full article at: http://www.teaparty911.com/issues/smart_meters.htm

Looks to me like the “green agenda” is coming to a neighborhood near you whether you like it or not.