WHEN we were kids and playing ball back in the day when one kid couldn’t keep up, that kid, some IDIOT savant, being good at many things but not our game, would scream out “HINDU”, which of course with our limited vocabulary as 8 year old kids meant “HINDER” indicating that someone may have gotten in his way or he was simply practicing to become a Democrat later on when “HINDU” became “FAIR”.

WELL, our “savant”, Hillary among other things, feels that you are so stupid that she can cry “HINDU” and get away with fooling you, yes once again as didn’t Jonathan Gruber refer to what were essentially the Democrat voters as “stupid”? Well most of us are not and even the “so called stupids” are learning not to follow the “Pied Piper of Punitive Policies” over the cliff.

Hillary’s next big move is to have a “reset” as she did with Putin and we all know how her last “reset” worked out for America: Not too well. Since Hillary is banking on the “stupids” to also have short memories, her plan is to do as she has done throughout her as well as Bill’s career: Dodge questions, wait it out, “reset” the button and then claim that it is old news and previously dealt with. (….and you must be “stupid” if you are not aware of this “fact”).

One very odd thing about the latest Hillary reset is her choice of location to underscore her
perceived affiliation in order to once again snow the nation and possibly to create the usual Democratic aura around her of “victim-hood.” Yeah, that’s the ticket, Hillary the victim who can cry “maaaaa, those nasty Reeepublicans are pickin’ on me again.” Roosevelt Island, should you not have already guessed has been named after the better half of Franklin Roosevelt, his wife Eleanor who in her day was much revered.

Unless Hillary is smokin’ from Obama’s “pipe of the surreal”, I would not like to think that hillary clintonshe considers herself revered? So what is she thinking? Maybe it is victimhood as Eleanor had a husband just like Bill who could not keep his Willy in his pants. Hey, maybe Anthony Weiner was an acolyte of Bill Clinton, assisting Bill in the Progressive march “Forward” as he carried and waived about the “torch of his manhood”? Maybe Hillary was thinking that as Eleanor was so revered that the policies and “so called” success of FDR would attach to herself? Well, that could be truth, as FDR, was not who most people think he was and Hillary is once again counting on the “stupids” to not know this.

So who was FDR? He was of course a philanderer with a “wandering Willy”, who also beat his wife, Eleanor severely. Franklin in the end was mentally ill and maybe Bill with his onset of Alzheimer’s reminds her of FDR in that way too. FDR was the closest thing America ever had to a dictator. He arbitrarily set the price of gold based on his belief in Numerology. After discussions with big capitalists only, excluding small business owners from the process he came up with a price fixing scheme, wherein all business would either have to price as FDR “dictated” or go to jail and many were jailed. Now the big boys who had the prime spot on the block also had the traffic and the little guys who were well around the corner did not and thus less traffic. This helped put many of the little guys out of business in addition to jail. Workers were also not exempt from this folly as FDR also “dictated” wages so that the little guy had to pay what the big guy did, no less, no compete which also helped put the little guy out of business or again in jail.

What this did to the “so called” Great Depression, was to extend the depression that we were coming out of in its normal course in the very early thirties, so that the word “Great” was added to the word Depression as it became the longest running depression in history although the Depression of 1920 was “Greater” but due to smart Republican polices of lowering taxes and tariffs without micromanagement, ended in one and a half years. Sound familiar, sound like Obamanomics: You betcha which is what maybe Hillary also finds as a common thread. You know they say that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different outcomes is a sure sign of mental illness. Well if you have seen some of Hillary’s strange stares and googly-eyed facial expressions as of late maybe that is in fact what has taken hold.

Thus the question remains in that how many “stupids” are willing to follow the “Pied Piper of Punitive Economics” over the cliff. From what the polls show in her lessening of support, I think maybe some of them are not as “stupid” as Hillary counted on.

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