Haw haw haw, Ed

Ed Schultz is on his leftard radio show right now, complaining about … wait for it …  EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT REGULATION.

Yes, you heard that right.    Apparently Ed Schultz, noted socialist, has a private lake.  (What, you don’t?)   And on that private lake he has a dock.   And around his dock he has something called a “weed roller” to keep his dock area weed-free so he can enjoy his private lake without any icky weeds.

And he is ticked off that the Canadian government requires a permit for his weed roller.   Apparently they even do air surveillance over Ed’s lake to check for excessive weed abatement.   He thinks that’s “a little much.”

Ah, the irony.   If only he could see it.

If you want to yank Ed’s chain on this issue, his contact information is here.