Today in Lefty Obamacare Propaganda

The Left has been spinning furiously since October 1, trying to cover for the grotesque collapse of Obamacare and the exposure of the lies that were used to pass it (“If you like your healthcare you can keep it.”)

The latest from Obama Reichspropagandaapparat mouthpiece “Shoutin Ed” Schultz is this:   You should be grateful that your old insurance was cancelled under Obamacare, because your old insurance was “junk insurance” [exact quote.]   That’s right, you should be happy that you get to pay more now because you’re getting better insurance!   Never mind that you didn’t want Obamacare and can’t afford it -that old insurance wouldn’t have helped you anyway so shut up and write the check.


UPDATE [10:29]:  Shoutin’ Ed now says that “anybody who read the bill” would have known that they were going to lose their insurance.   I wonder if that means the original bill (800 pages), the final bill (2700+ pages) or the associated regulations (20,000+ pages)?   He also told a caller that the reason the caller lost their insurance was because it was “a piece of crap” and they should be “grateful” to Obama.   [Again, exact quotes.]