The Tenth Amendment Center could use some help

The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution is the final amendment contained in the Bill of Rights:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Seems simple enough.   It says “If it’s not in here, Feds, it’s none of your damn business.”    But over the past 200 plus years, the Federal government has grown into a bloated monster consuming almost a quarter of our country  (GDP $15.7 Trillion, Fed expenditures $3.8 Trillion if you don’t believe me.)    The Federal government has inserted itself into every part of our lives.   According to Radley Balko’s new book Rise of the Warrior Cop, there are now at least 73 different Federal agencies that have their own law enforcement (read:  SWAT teams.  Seriously.)

The Tenth Amendment, sorely overlooked recently, could use a little help.   I have no official (or even unofficial) connection to the Tenth Amendment Center, but I did just receive a fundraising email from them and it seems that they could use a little help too:

Twice every year, we do a fundraiser to cover our major expenses – this is what keeps us going.  And in all our years, this is the FIRST TIME we’ve come up short.  Our goal this time was a paltry $21,000.  We’re about $3400 short. 

I sent them some bucks.   It seems little enough to do to keep the Tenth Amendment alive and on people’s radars.   It may be the only chance conservatives have in the future of stopping the unchecked growth of Federal power.

If you want to kick in a few dollars, you can do so here.



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