An Open Letter to Reince Priebus, the RNC and Republican Leaders in General

I just finished filling out my 2013 “State of the Republican Party Survey” which the GOP mailed to me (probably paid for with some of my generous contributions from last year.)    So, since you asked for my opinions, I’m going to include some thoughts which the survey didn’t have room for.

First:  Less direct mail.

During the last election season,  I was bombarded by huge, important-looking direct mail pieces, some quite large and obviously hand-assembled (and therefore expensive).    I used to work in the direct marketing and printing industry, so I know how much this stuff costs.   These large, complicated pieces probably cost you several dollars apiece!   Send out 100,000 of those and a million bucks doesn’t go far.   You’re wasting your money.  You’re wasting MY money. Your $3.00 expensive custom mail piece is going into the trash just as fast as a 25 cent postcard (average view time: 5 seconds.)   Change your marketing consultants or something, for God’s sake.

Second:  Consolidate your messages.

Republicans believe in individual freedom (most of us, anyway) and I understand that that includes the freedom to send out as many cards and emails as you want.   But dammit, I can’t read 200 emails a day!   I won’t.   I refuse to, and so do a lot of other people.    I would rather get one comprehensive email a week, or even a month, than 200 short “blasts.”    I mean… seriously, people, get it together.   Consolidate.    (Tea Parties, I’m talking to you too.   Take our Founding Fathers’ advice:  “Join or Die.“)

In addition to consolidating or coordinating your messaging physically, you should consolidate and coordinate your messages informationally.   It does no good to send out a message on Monday saying

“Republicans believe in Green Energy”

if on Tuesday you or another Republican group sends out a message that says

“Anyone who believes in Green Energy is an idiot!”  

Putting those two messages together, I would be forced to conclude that Republicans are idiots.   I hope that’s not the case.

Third:  More focused, more information.

If you’re going to interrupt my day with a communication, it should be important – it should have value.    It shouldn’t be over-the-top hot air (no offense to the folks over at HotAir.com.)  If you’re sending me something, you already know a lot about me.    And I already know a lot about you.   There’s no need, and no earthly justification, to hit me with offensive and stupid “push polls” that contain moronic questions like:

“Should we fight to stop the murder of millions of innocent unborn babies, or are you in favor of the Godless genocidal practice of abortion?”  

Give it a rest already.     Same with the hyperventilating “news bulletins” that contain no news, just outraged shrieks about something Obama just did or said, inevitably followed by a pitch to:

“Send us a contribution now or all is lost!”

I have a feeling most of my contributions were “lost” during the 2012 campaign anyway.   But I’m sure the marketing consultant they went to is enjoying his nice new yacht (or whatever.)

Fourth:  Grow a pair.

Why should we, the rank and file,  fight for a party that won’t fight for itself?   The next time someone falsely accuses a Republican candidate of being “racist” or “sexist” or “anti-Hispanic” or “pro-Jim Crow” or whatever, don’t run and hide.   I expect to see you front and center with press releases, press conferences and maybe a libel suit against the offender.    For pointers watch Ben Shapiro’s takedown of Piers Morgan or watch Ezra Levant’s no-prisoners rant against Canada’s misnamed (and Fascist) “Human Rights Commission.     Call their bluffs.  Push back.   Adopt the tactics of James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart.   Adopt the language of Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn.    You don’t win a war by fielding the “nicest” army.    As Barry Goldwater said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”

So, to sum up, I hope to hear from you less often, but with more important and information-filled communications.    And I hope that the GOP strengthens and sharpens it’s messages (and its swords) in the coming year.   We’re going to need them, and we’re going to need each other.   And this country is going to need all of us.





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