You're Missing the Point, Republican "Leaders"

In the 1984 movie “All of Me,” starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, there’s a hilarious and very telling scene about “missing the point” that illustrates what’s going on with the sequester, Republicans, and the media.

The movie’s plot is complicated, but it boils down to a critical scene where Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin are arguing over whether they should sleep with young, beautiful Victoria Tennant (I warned you it was complicated.)   Lily Tomlin has a last-minute concern:

Lily Tomlin: “But will she respect us in the morning?”

Steve Martin: “She doesn’t respect us NOW!”

Some Republicans are worried that they’ll be blamed by the media for spending cuts if the sequester happens.   Those Republicans are making the Lily Tomlin mistake – they’re worried about something that has already happened and won’t change no matter what they do.   They’ll be blamed no matter what.   They’re already being blamed for everything bad that happens:

Obamacare doesn’t work?  Republicans sabotaged it.

Deficit’s going up?  Republicans won’t raise taxes.

Corporate profits are up?  Rich Republicans are screwing the rest of us.

Corporate profits are down?  Republicans torpedoed the economy to make Obama look bad.

(Just to give you an idea of how much of this crap  is out there in the media, it took me about thirty seconds to find those links.)

The moral of the story:  You’re going to be blamed anyway.   You can either stand by your principles and get blamed, or you can collapse into a dishrag … and still get blamed.

Personally, I’d choose the first option.   I’d like to think so, anyway.