Christopher Dorner, the Left's Newest Martyr

I listen to a lot of talk radio.   I listen to left-wing talk radio, and I listen to right wing talk radio.   Mostly I just have it on as background noise, a kind of low-level audio equivalent of the “headline crawl” that runs across the bottom of your TV screen while you watch the news.   Today, I heard something on KPFK  (Los Angeles) which really illuminates a dark corner of the lefty psyche.

It was a serious discussion of the heroism of Christopher Dorner.    Seriously.    The host, Margaret Prescod, and the two guests, Dr. Gerald Horne and Alex Salazar, had a long discussion about the increasing support for Dorner.

Some quotes for your edification.

Host Margaret Prescod:

“There is a growing outpouring of support not for his actions but for his calling out of the LAPD for racism, corruption, abuses and more.”

“His manifesto – people are saying it’s the ravings of a madman, but one has to be driven mad…  It’s political.  It’s lucid.  It’s not the rantings of a madman. “

 “He [Dorner] follows politics, not only national politics but international politics…  he’s a regular guy.”

Dr. Gerald Horne:

“Yes, it was [a very political document], and it puts the processes of the LAPD front and center.”

“Dorner speaks eloquently about being subjected to racism from an early age… how do you respond?  [Dorner] responded in a one-man crusade.”

Alex Salazar:

“I believe that a black man has to give up being a black man to enter law enforcement.”

“I think he [Dorner] is a hero.   The country does not have the kind of discussions it needs to have on these topics until blood is shed.”

This is really disturbing, and not just because the Left is turning a psycho killer into a martyr and a hero.   It demonstrates the Left’s glorification and deification of violence and murder as “the answer” to whatever ails it.  This is a tendency on the Left that goes back at least to the French Revolution – the urge to smash, to kill, to burn down everything.    And it seems to be on the rise.   Occupy Wall Street and the “Black Bloc”  rioters were extensions of this.   This interview is simply an odious and particularly open example of this mentality.     Unfortunately it seems to be more and more on the increase.

This is a really bad trend – it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Audio here:  http://archive.kpfk.org/m3u.php?mp3fil=13469

(The Dorner part starts at about 29:15)