If Romney Had [censored] This Big, He'd Be President Now

Ezra Levant is the founder of Canada’s Western Standard, which used to be a print publication but I hear is now online-only (a shame).    In 2008, he was sued and dragged before one of Canada’s ironically-named “Human Rights Commissions” on charges of, basically, upsetting Muslims by publishing the infamous “Muhammed Cartoons.”     (The complaint was eventually dropped.)

Ezra Levant is not a household name – at least, not in the United States.   He may not even be a household name in his own country of Canada.   And that’s a damn shame, because he shows more guts in this two minute video clip, reading the riot act to a “thug” from the Canadian government, than most Republican leaders showed in all of the 2012 election season.   My last diary pointed out that Republicans apologize too much – here, as a palate cleanser, is somebody who doesn’t apologize at all.   And doesn’t need to.   If Romney had hit Obama with this much solid … STRENGTH, Obama would be spending the next four years  asking people  “Do you want fries with that?”   (I can dream, can’t I?)

For your viewing pleasure.   Watch and listen to two minutes of the biggest cojones in Canada.  Safe for work, but not for Democrats.