Why Iran Must NOT Get the Bomb

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to become the world’s tenth nuclear power.  By defying international pressure to end its nuclear enrichment program, Iran’s resolve has only grown.  The Obama administration, along with Great Britain and France have spearheaded several ranks of sanction on Iran, only to find that Iran won’t back down.  If Iran continues to defy the world and the west refuses to play hardball the U.S will find the region will plunge into even more turmoil and soft politics will no longer work.

Washington has been “dealing” with the Iran situation long before Obama took office, back in 2005 Bush ordered a plan to be drafted in-case of “near” (that word is important) Nuclear Iran.  The plan also included several sanctions that would need to implemented quickly to deter further progression of the program.  That was five years ago.  Today Iran is closer than it has ever been and Washington’s resolve remains weak.  Obama has tried to calm towards Iran by offering already failed attempts at sanctions instead of military action.  Iran is counting on Obama’s weakness, he knows that Obama doesn’t have the resolve to order a strike on his facilities and thus is continuing the program.

If Iran was to obtain nuclear weapons, it would throw the middle east into a political and perhaps even military conflict.  Iran’s neighbors by no means want Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, they are willing to work with the United States to prevent such a happening.  Since the Obama Administration refuses to acknowledge even a plan or intent to ever attack Iran, Iran’s neighbors feel abandoned.  Since the Administration has invested so many political points into its sanction’s policy, if Iran was to go nuclear it would be seen as a decline of Washington’s influence in the area, and ability to project power.  Saudi Arabia has long considered going nuclear, only deterred by its objections of Washington, and it’s defense policy which greatly cooperates the United States Military.  Saudi Arabia would not think twice about arming itself for fear from Iran.  If this would happen, it would spark an arms race within the middle east and become a time bomb waiting to explode.

Israel and Iran has one of the most hostile relationships currently in the world.  Iran has repeatedly called for the eradication of the Jewish State and Jews around the globe.  This has put Israel on the alert, I can guarantee you they have a intuitive strike plan in place and are just waiting for the right moment.  Israel has repeatedly stated it will not tolerate a nuclear Iran and has never shied away from saying military action was on the table.

That is why the United States must act quickly, if/when sanctions failed we must be prepared to remove ALL of Iran’s nuclear facilities.  We must show the world that the United States is committed to peace, and will not tolerate countries who seek to harm others through such weapons.  We don’t have to pull the trigger, but when Israel attacks we need to make sure they know we will back them unconditionally.  Each moment we wait Iran is building up its defense capabilities.  From the demonstration of their new seeker missiles too just yesterday when Iran released four new Submarines into the gulf whose sole purpose to prevent ships entering their waters.

The Obama Adminstration needs to learn to project power, being called weak by the French President says it all.

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