Susan Leftnick for POTUS in 2010?

I love Sarah Palin.  She is bright, accomplished (Governor of Alaska), courageous (taking on the corrupt Republican establishment in her state), confident, and moral (bearing a Downs child) and is energizing the latent conservatism in this country like no one else.  However, what she is not is reflective, deeply knowledgeable, analytical, nor very experienced (which is not the same as “accomplished”).  I grant you that this list of negatives makes her not much different from most politicians.

But let me ask you all this: If the DemRoots were talking about running Susan Leftnick (Rocky and Bullwinkle fans will get it), the former Governor of North Dakota, in 2010 for president, a woman who was bright, had taken on the corrupt Democratic machine in her state, exhibited many personal virtues we admire, and was energizing the Democratic base like, well, like Obama did, would we not be jumping all over the following deficits in her background:

– She resigned after only two years in office during her first term.
– North Dakota, while technically a state, has only about 650,000 residents, which makes it about the size of a second-tier city like Charlotte or El Paso.  Thus the she has about the same level of experience running a complex enterprise as a two-year, first-term Mayor of Charlotte would.
– She essentially drew blanks when asked basic questions about policy in interviews.
– She speaks in platitudes and clichés.
– Her latest book spends seven pages talking about her appearance on Saturday Night Live but only one on national security (and that in clichés).

Wouldn’t we, as conservatives and Republicans, be roasting Governor Leftnick and ridiculing her appropriateness for the job of president?

Wouldn’t we be stunned by the stupidity of leftist bloggers who sign off with “Leftnick/Olbermann in 2010”?