International solution to piracy a frightening thought

We seem to heading back to the days of yesteryear when it comes to International crises. There is now much clamor for an “International” solution to piracy.

The only solution to the piracy problem is military action. There are no UN sanctions that can be imposed against the pirates, and UN resolutions condemning their actions are totally meaningless.

This bring us to the scary proposition of some sort of UN military action. This was tried a few times during the Clinton era and two movies resulted: Behind Enemy Lines and Blackhawk Down.

Now we have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telling us that “These people are nothing more than criminals”. This brings back shades of Mogadishu when we sent in a few Rangers to “arrest” Somali warlords.

According to an article in the New York Daily News:

U.S. military commanders have already prepared battle plans for ending the scourge of piracy on the high seas off Somalia if President Obama pulls the trigger…

Unfortunately any sort of unilateral action by the US would probably be considered American “arrogance” by the Obama Administration.

Crossposted at The Obamastan Times