Happy Sunday

I’ve been lurking on Red State for years, but haven’t contributed with my own diary. Several years ago I hosted a blog called “Scottish Right.” I abandoned that project and always intended to re-establish a blog to discuss politics and public policy. Of course, there is a distinction between the two.

I’m a rarity in that I’m an honest-to-goodness conservative from Cook County, Illinois. There are a few of us, but we probably require a federal program to protect us as an endangered minority.

In additional to posting about politics and policy generally, I’ll frequently write about Illinois politics. If you’re someone who enjoys the give-and-take of politics, Illinois is ground zero for good times. If you prefer good government, well, Illinois can’t help you there. At least not yet. But those of us that understand the wreckage caused by a Democratic majority beholden to powerful labor unions are leading a rebellion to overturn the corruption and cronyism that has ruled Illinois politics for over a decade. This is a monumental political struggle that merits more national attention.

I’ll end with that, as well as the hope that I can do my part to advance the discussion on Red State and perhaps draw some additional interest in the political battle that’s playing out in my home state of Illinois.