Ideas and thoughts for the Republican Party

I have some thoughts and ideas that I would like to share for discussion.  These are actually suggestions for Michael Steele. More will follow at a later time. 

Michael Steele- take a page from the democrats and do a listening tour.  Travel the country region by region and state by state.  Meet with local leaders and do local television.  Build a database of local elected officials and financial supporters.  Schedule appearances at every college that will have you.   Secondly, join redstate and every republican leaning blog you can find.  Create your own blog.  Third, hire new faces for your staff.  Go to the unrepublican places such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Ottawa and bring some thought provoking, media savy, current contemporary writers, bloggers, storytellers, partgoers, whomever you can find to help make the republican party relevant in 2009. 

Third, its cement shoes time for the brilliant strategists who either wrote Jindals speech, did the backdrop, forgot to tell him to button his coat, did not do the necessary background check on his speech, and most importantly recommended that he give the response which he should not have done.  lastly, issue a statement that you will support republicans including the three moderates who voted with the democrats.  Inform those that want to be in the republican party that we are a family.  And like a family we will stand together.  No more public criticisms of fellow republicans.  Any issues will be solved internally.  Also we will defend our elected and appointed officials.  Apologize to Sarah Palin for the lack of defense in last years election and promise that it will never happen again. 

 Update the website again.