Don't Forfeit, Impeach

Rather than opposing Donald Trump for his misdeeds and thereby effectively throwing the election to Hillary Clinton despite her many worse misdeeds, I suggest that they instead promise to commence impeachment proceedings in January against whichever candidate wins the election. They should itemize allegations that would warrant impeachment IF PROVEN, and urge as many congressional candidates as possible to sign it. If Trump wins, it would be appropriate to investigate allegations that he inappropriately groped women and then lied about it at the debate. If proven he should be impeached and removed from office. Even Trump supporters may be willing to sign a statement promising to commence such proceedings because of the caveat “if” it is proven, and because it would not require electing Hillary Clinton as President. Theoretically, Democrats would also be willing to sign the pledges to bring such proceedings against Clinton for the same reason . . . but I think we know better than to expect that.

Circulating such a promise to all congressional candidates from both parties who are running for seats in either chamber would do several things, all of which would ultimately be good for the GOP and the nation: (1) it would take a big step towards re-asserting Congressional authority; (2) if Trump wins, it would provide an important tool for controlling him – if he turns out to be as bad a President as many fear, it will become far more likely that the proceedings will actually result in his removal from office, and the pre-election pledge will get the proceedings an early start; (3) if Clinton wins, it will provide something of a defense against the inevitable claim of partisan witch hunt; (4) both appear to have committed impeachable offenses and it is therefore appropriate that they be prosecuted as set forth in the Constitution; (5) it shows that Republicans will take their Constitutional responsibilities seriously against a member of their own party where Democrats will not; (6) it will cast light on Hillary’s impeachable offenses that are otherwise being ignored; (7) it raises a real possibility that the country will not be stuck with either of these awful candidates, and since Republicans will likely be the only ones willing to promise proceedings against their own party’s candidate, a vote for Trump will be the only way to potentially accomplish that happy result.