If Clarence Thomas leaves the Court, he should run for President

With rumors that Justice Thomas is considering leaving the Supreme Court, I suggest that leading Republican opponents of Donald Trump urge him to run for President. He may be the ideal candidate at this point – highly respected among nearly anyone open to voting Republican, an “outsider” to recent politics, intelligent, conservative, articulate, great life story, and attributes that at least open the possibility of luring a significant group of normally reliable Democrat voters away from Hillary.  He would be a terrific rallying point for a delegates revolt in Cleveland. And his unique stature and background would give him as strong a chance as anyone of winning the Presidency as an independent or third party candidate.

Note that while no former Supreme Court Justice has been elected President, there is substantial precedent for them running – Justice Charles Hughes was the Republican nominee in 1916, Justice William O. Douglas briefly campaigned for the Democrat nomination while an active Justice in 1948. Going the other direction, Chief Justice Taft was a former President, Earl Warren had been the GOP nominee for VP in 1948, and Salmon Chase had run for the GOP nomination in 1860.